Here's How To Make Delicious and Healthy Greek Yogurt Pancakes

If you are tired of eating Greek yogurt fruit bowls or adding it to a breakfast smoothie, this delectable variation of sour cream pancakes may be just the thing for you! pancake5 Ready in only 15 minutes, they may become your new go-to when looking for a little extra protein! The best part is, you can have fun with this and flavour it however you choose. By adding flavoured Greek yogurt, like blueberry, you've got a whole new pancake! As with other pancakes, you can add fresh fruit to the batter or some chocolate chips if you're feeling decadent. If you are feeling extra naughty, bump up the richness level by adding whipped cream to the batter. Yum. pancake pancake2 pancake3 pancake4
Does this sound like a great way to get your Greek yogurt fix? Source: The Pioneer Woman Featured Image: The Pioneer Woman

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