Here's How To Stick With The Beginner Bootcamp Challenge

So you've decided to take on the Beginner Bootcamp Challenge! You are no doubt excited but you may also be feeling a little overwhelmed and a little out of your depth. Maybe you've tried these sorts of challenges before and failed or maybe this is the very first time you have ever tried anything. But remember, everyone starts somewhere. beginner bootcamp Read through these tips to help you get over any obstacles or barriers that may come your way. Your enthusiasm for your new healthy lifestyle may come and go, but these tips will see you through:

Be consistent.

If you aren't used to regular exercise, jumping straight into a daily routine can be difficult. Consistency is key. On those mornings when you don't feel like moving a muscle, do your workout anyway. Working out when you are feeling less than motivated is still better than not working out at all. If you do this, before you know it, exercise will be a habit rather than an exception. No matter what, just do it.

Get excited and tell people.

This tip goes a long way to keeping you accountable. If you tell the people in your life about your goals for your health and fitness, they can encourage you and push you forward when your motivation dwindles. If you don't have many supportive people in your circle, you can start a social media page dedicated to your progress (don't worry, you can make it private if you don't want the world to see). Posting your meals, workouts and progress shots can go a long way to keeping your head in the game. back moves

Take Beginner Bootcamp progress pictures.

Back in the day, people tracked their progress by the number on the scale. Well, welcome to a new day! So many great changes can happen in your body that won't be reflected in that scale number. The only way to see the changes is to look at where you are now, compared to where you were then. These visible changes are like a mental pat on the back and can serve as a great motivation to keep going.

Do not compare yourself.

It is beyond easy to get caught up in comparing yourself to other people. Maybe it is your favourite celebrity or that super fit person you've been following on Instagram. Maybe it is the perfectly proportioned girl who lives next door. Remember, we all have different strengths and weaknesses. It is easy to give up and lose any sense of motivation if you are constantly comparing yourself to someone else. You are amazing. This isn't about beating someone else, it is about pushing yourself as hard as you can. Don't try to beat someone else's reps, try to beat your own. Work hard and you will establish a routine, one you can improve upon down the road. Whatever you are doing, if you are giving 100% effort, you're all good. Workout for you, at your pace.

Make time.

You don't need to find time to workout, you need to make time to workout. If you are serious about this challenge, or any other, you need to make it a priority. Think about the things you do each day, the things you have no problem finding time to do. Do you shower and brush your teeth? No matter how busy you are you make time to do it, right? Working out should be treated the same way. Once you've been doing it for a while, it will be come second nature but until then, tell yourself that your workout is non-negotiable. It has to happen. Period.

Join the online BodyRock community.

The beauty of the BodyRock community is that it is full of people just like you. People who are struggling to get started with a fit and healthy lifestyle, people who have now established this lifestyle and people like our hosts who have committed completely to this life, and are beyond willing to help you with whatever you need. Don't be afraid to reach out to one another for support. If you are struggling, odds are someone else is too. The best way to survive these challenges is to surround yourself with supportive, positive people who understand. And who understands better than other people taking on the same challenges? Good luck with your challenge! It can be overwhelming and daunting but hopefully these tips will help you through. Exercise can and should be fun and exciting. Embrace the whole journey and think of how much pride you will have when you reach your goal! You can do it!  

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