Here's How to Whittle Away That Pesky Muffin Top (Infographic)

The feeling of having fat fall over your pants is uncomfortable, embarrassing and even defeating. How come, no matter how much you workout and how well you think you eat, do you still have it? It's the question you keep asking yourself, and yet nothing seems to get done about it. The problem may be that, while your go-to exercise involves crunches and your foods feel like the right choices, you're not utilizing the right recipe to get the job done. The below infographic will provide you with simple lifestyle tweaks, options for a reduced-calorie diet and workouts to ensure you whittle down that midsection of yours once and for all. From drinking just the right amount of water to eating up whole grains, and getting enough sleep to lowering your stress levels, you'll realize just how easy it is to make minor changes to your overall daily grind. Ways to get rid of the muffin top. Do you follow these tips regularly to avoid the muffin top problem? Source: Fitness Republic

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