Here's How You Can Avoid Putting on the Pounds This Fall

Fall is one of the most beloved seasons amongst us all. It's that necessary transition most summer lovers need for the chillier months ahead. The days quietly shorten without too much notice, the lighting is near perfection, the colours are a golden hue of heaven, and the food? Well, the food is what we all live for. Warm stews, cheesy pasta dishes, full-bodied wines and cookies, because ... cookies. While the summer months make us hot and therefore leave us desiring little more than salads and fresh fish, the fall months make way for bigger bellies. We no longer have to wear bikinis everyday. We pull out the sweaters and prepare to indulge. fall But it's kind of a vicious cycle. Spring hits the next year and we're back to square one, spending the majority of the season preparing to take it off for the summer heat. But what if we could avoid that weight gain and just maintain?
  1. “Just say no” to the edible extras.
Treat yourself wisely. Though the fall may excite you with its warm breakfast scones marketed at every cafe, or those calorie-heavy coffees complete with whipped cream, you don't need to make it a habit. Tell those pumpkin spiced treats to take a hike and opt for healthier versions. Or, try replicating your favourite fall items at home with healthier ingredients. 2. Swap booze for something warmer. Summer was for gin and skinny margaritas. And now that it's fall, you're stocking up on bottles of red wine. While wine has been proven to have many health benefits, sucking it back won't help your cause. Try incorporating hot tea into your routine instead. 3. Stay thirsty. The scorching season of humidity and high temps may be over, but your need for hydration certainly isn't. Don't forget about the necessity of water. And when you don't fill up properly, your body can confuse dehydration for hunger. Keep a water bottle handy and drink with care. 4. Carb up the right way. Pasta? Bread? Fall are you here? For some reason, carbs and this season love each other. So instead of choosing the starchy stuff, opt for whole grain bread and quinoa noodles. Do you tend to gain weight during the fall? Source: Elite Daily Do you follow us on Instagram? [caption id="attachment_110622" align="alignnone" width="100"]snapchat code @BodyRockTV[/caption]

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