Here's How You Can Lose 4 Pounds in 1 Month

Sometimes you can feel totally defeated when it comes to losing weight. You workout, you eat right and you try to drink enough water and snag optimum shut-eye. But sometimes you just need a fresh take on the whole thing, especially when it comes to what you're eating.   If your goal is to drop pounds over the course of one month, try to incorporate small nutritional changes to your diet that will allow you to work your way up to an overall shift in your lifestyle and give you the tools you need to achieve long-lasting results. Substitute a healthier version of the foods you crave without feeling like you're missing out. Want to know how you can save 1,500 calories this month and lose 4 pounds? Try these swaps: The Switches To Make Every Day The switch: Seltzer instead of soda The savings: 140 (about 4,200 per month) “The carbonation creates gas in your stomach, which takes up some space,” says Jessica Cording, RD, a dietitian in New York City. “You may feel more satisfied, so it can be a good way to transition into soda-free life.” The switch: An iced coffee with two tablespoons 2% milk instead of an iced latte The savings: 100 calories (about 3,000 per month) The Switches To Make Twice A Week The switch: A quarter-cup of sliced apple in your salad instead of quarter-cup dried cranberries The savings: 78 (about 624 per month) “A lot of people add dried fruit to salad, but they pack a lot of calories,” says Cording. The switch: Seven ounces plain 2% Greek yogurt with a teaspoon of honey instead of seven ounces flavoured yogurt The savings: 50 (about 400 per month) The switch: A nori (seaweed) sheet instead of a whole-wheat tortilla wrap The savings: 110 calories (about 880 per month) The switch: One ounce 2% plain Greek yogurt on your wrap instead of one ounce mayonnaise The savings: 167 (about 1,336 per month) The switch: An orange slice in water instead of an eight-ounce bottle orange juice The savings: 120 (about 960 per month) “One glass of orange juice has five to six oranges in it, so it contains a crazy amount of sugar,” says Brigitte Zeitlin, RD, a dietitian at B Nutritious. The switch: One cup cooked spaghetti squash instead of one cup cooked spaghetti The savings: 158 calories (about 1,264 per month) The switch: One ounce air-popped popcorn instead of one ounce potato chips (about 15 chips) The savings: 129 calories (about 1,032 per month)   The switch: One cup cauliflower rice instead of one cup white rice The savings: 180 calories (about 1,440 per month) The Switches To Make Once A Month The switch: a four-ounce turkey burger in a lettuce cup instead of a four-ounce beef burger in a bun The savings: 182 calories The switch: A quarter-cup frozen blueberries in your cereal instead of a quarter-cup raisins The savings: 71 calories The switch: one ounce of avocado on toast instead of one ounce of butter The savings: 158 calories Source: Prevention  

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