Here's Why Leo's Latest Model Squeeze Could Be "The One"

Earlier this month, Leonardo DiCaprio was seen cycling through New York City with model Kelly Rohrbach. When they locked lips at a red light, the rumors they were an item were confirmed once and for all. But who is she, beyond being Sports Illustrated's Swimsuit Rookie of the Year? Behind the stunning packaging, she's a cool and intelligent gal. She has a degree from Georgetown University where she played golf before switching her focus to theater. She grew up in Greenwich, Connecticut in a home with a private golf facility.  All of this would put her at home in the sphere of Leo's celebrity, she isn't likely phased at all by his money and social connections. But it is more than that too. MJ Day, editor of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, recalls that when she first came into their offices, she was immediately a stand out. “She had that spark. She’s an incredible conversationalist. When she is around, you are sucked into her. She takes the room with her presence in the best possible way.” Rorhbach herself told Esquire that, “I’m definitely quick-witted. And I can hang with the guys. I’m pretty relaxed, and nothing really offends me. I think everything’s funny, to be honest." Rorhbach obviously has a sporty side and throws her support behind the Yankees, Giants and Rangers, which no doubt adds to her appeal. Yu Tsai is a photographer who shot Rorhbach for Sports Illustrated and has this to say of her, “Kelly hangs with the boys, but she is very vivacious. She’s the cool chick. And she’s well-educated. You can see it the moment she walks into the room.” An unnamed insider friend says that “She loves yoga and is very health-oriented... she will hang with the guys and have fries if she wants to, but her thing is to be very healthy.” Intelligent, sporty, fun, fit, vivacious, AND beautiful. I think Leo won the lottery with this one. What do you think? Girl crush worthy? h/t: New York Post

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