Here's What "One-Size-Fits-All" Looks Like on All Body Types

"All women’s bodies weren’t created equal," we should know this by now. But, one fashion retailer happens to think so. Brandy Melville is a clothing retailer that sells clothing in one-size only, boasting with its signs that "one-size fits most." But does it really? OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA The kickass staff at Buzzfeed decided to challenge the one-size-fits all notion by using clothing from the line on various women by launching this article. They took the average model, in the specific piece of clothing, and compared the same piece of clothing on 5 different gals, all ranging in different heights, weights, ans sizes as seen below. Downloads5   Here are just a few of the results: The Vodi Shorts Downloads4   The Emilia Skirt Downloads6 What's YOUR thoughts on "one-size-fits-all?" Sound off below! Photo and article source: Buzzfeed  For free diet plans, workouts, and tons of daily motivation, click the image below: URLSmall

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