Here's the Problem With Being Friends With Benefits

So you finally found someone who makes you laugh, respects your space and is good in bed. You've decided to become "friends with benefits" because ... why ruin a good thing? Relationships can get messy, and both you and your 'partner' have realized that it's just not worth it to give up putting yourself first for someone, anyone, else. Not a problem, right? friends with benefits Well, sort of. There's an issue with this term ... "friends with benefits." Like, sometimes no matter how hard you try to carry this on, feeling develop and the whole thing unravels. And if this person was your friend before any of it? Typically, they'll be out of your life at the first sign of a fight you never saw coming, and then you're left with no sex and no friend. Here are four things to watch out for if you've decided to take the FWB journey: 1 .You expect more from your friends. You're not supposed to expect anything out of it. Stuff happens, then when it's over, things are supposed to just bounce back to normal like you, nor your friend, ever missed a beat. But, when you enter this type of non-commital in-between-the-sheets stuff with a friend, you've already established you ARE committed, because you've chosen this individual as your friend, and you've EXPECTED them to do things friends do. 2. It’s embarrassing to want more. You, or your friend, may find yourselves holding the truth back from one another, because now you view each other in a much more complicated light: sexually. Now, the idea of friends seems to be a mere mystery, as one of the most important and best qualities friends behold is the capability of being utterly open with each other about how you feel, who you are and what you want. The more you begin to think about them in a romantic way, the more you try to conceal it. 3. It drives you insane. You'll find yourself digging so deep to conceal how you feel that it will begin to eat away at you. You'll try to act extra nonchalant. You'll try not to have a vulnerable moment around them for the sake of avoiding confusion. And all those times you just wanted to break down about any aspect of your life with your friend? You can't anymore. 4. When it's over, it's over.  So the two of you have called it quits now that you've gone through all the FWB stages. You go about your regular lives, hanging out with friends on Friday nights at a local bar, when you run into each other, because, SURPRISE, your friends are the same friends. You feel totally awkward and trip up trying to carry on a normal conversation with them. Where did the friendship go? Have you ever tried the friends with benefits thing out? Source: Elite Daily Do you follow us on Instagram? snapchat code  

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