Here's What Energy Drinks REALLY Do To Your System! (Infographic)

We know chugging back an energy drink can give us the boost we need to cram for exams, power through our early morning run or simply wake us up. But what exactly is the science behind how these beverages perk us up? And what are the risks involved when we go for one of these quick fixes? This graphic outlines exactly what goes on in your system when you consume an energy drink. From the rush of neurons firing to the inevitable jittery feeling, a lot happens after those first few sips. caffeine energy drink Inside energy drinks are core ingredients, which are surprisingly more naturally occurring than one would think. Here are how these common additions to most top brands help to surge your body with energy and keep you going. ingredients monster red bull Lastly, we take a look at the potential risk factors associated with these stamina-boosting must-haves. You have probably heard at one point or another that these drinks aren't always safe, and can pose health risks in people with certain conditions. They can also be dangerous when mixed with alcohol or consumed in excess amounts. Energy drinks can lead to a slew of problems. Here are a list of potential risks. risks health soda sugar There have been reported deaths and serious complications from overdoing it on energy drinks. It's good to pace yourself if you are an avid fan, or if you have a known health condition. There are many other more natural solutions to getting a quick pick-me-up, which will ultimately be better for your wellbeing. Do you love energy drinks? Tell us your opinion in the comments! Source: Daily Mail  

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