Here's What It Really Takes To Burn Off Those Christmas Calories (Infographic)

As most of us know, the holiday season is ridiculously hard on one's weight loss goals. You can almost feel your pants getting tighter with each and every bite, but for most of us, this doesn't seem to act as a deterrent. Fitness First has put together a guide to help you understand exactly how much work it will take to burn off your favourite treat. Fitness First and Fusion break down all the tempting treats (and drinks) available this time of year into their calorie total and the amount of sweat equity required to burn those calories. Some require long, intense amounts of cardio while others can burn away calories with just a little light housework. Multitasking, such a wonderful thing! Have look and see what you'll have to do to break even this year! Fitness First: 2F8D78A700000578-3368993-Burn_off_your_champagne_with_20_minutes_of_housework_and_do_an_h-a-2_1450786504731 [bctt tweet="Here's What It Really Takes To Burn Off Those Christmas Calories"] Fusion: christmas infographic without copy When you see it all laid out like that, it looks a little frightening, doesn't it? So, while indulging over the holidays is understandable, normal and even sometimes a little necessary, you don't have to eat everything that isn't nailed down. Is a seasonal celebration really worth undoing all your hard work? Maybe you don't need all that alcohol to wash down all those rich foods. Moderation, of course, is the key to everything and although it is hard this time of year, it isn't impossible. What are your favourite holiday treats? How do you keep your consumption in control? Source: Daily Mail

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