Here's What To Look For In A Workout Partner

Sometimes, personal motivation can came and go. Some days you totally smash your workout, others you totally phone it in. While this tendency is human and understandable (hey, life happens!), it doesn't help you maintain a consistent level of training. One of the keys to really rocking your routine is approaching it with a steady level of interest and enthusiasm. One of the best ways to maintain your engagement is to have a solid workout partner!   But what does a good partner look like? What are the qualities you should seek in a good workout partner?

Look for someone positive!

You want to sweat and work hard toward your goal, and nothing gets in the way of your forward thinking like a negative partner! You want someone who is going to help keep your spirits up. Someone who spends the workout complaining about their partner or their job isn't someone who is going to make your workout better. [bctt tweet="Here's What To Look For In A Workout Partner"] It is also important to have a partner who isn't going to insult you. Sometimes in the name of encouragement people can say things that are hurtful. You want someone who is going to build you up and pull you through, not someone who is going to insult and criticize you.  

Find someone who understands your goals.

If your goal is to lose weight in a steady, sustainable way, it won't do you any good to have a partner who is just jumping around from trend to trend or someone who wants to do something that is counter to your plans. When you have someone who knows and 'gets' your goals, they will be better able to keep you focused on the task at hand. Similarly, you should seek a partner with a similar schedule so you are actually able to do your workouts together. You need to be able to not only coordinate the style of your workout but the days and times of your workouts too. You should also choose a partner with a similar skill level. If your partner is too advanced, you may end up pushing too hard to keep up and injure yourself. If you pick a partner that is far less skilled than you, you may find yourself feeling bored and unmotivated because you aren't being challenged enough. When someone is closer to your own skill and fitness level, you can better understand the other's experience of the workout and help each other through any hiccups that arise. It is also fun to push yourself and compete against someone who is at a similar level. It keeps things interesting, to say the least! Partner-Mountains (11 of 14)

Find someone who will motivate you the right way!

We all have friends who are game to join us for all the 'fun' stuff in life. The happy hours, the pizza parties, the beach lounge time. This may not be the friend you want as a workout partner. If someone is game to workout but also game to join you for a post workout basket of fries, you may want to take a pass. What you need, when trying to stay on track, is someone who is willing to lay down the law and give you a little push in the right direction. Someone who isn't afraid to say no to fries, but heck yes to a spinach salad instead. This is the sort of person who can actually get your butt to the gym for a workout when you'd rather be doing something, anything, else! If no one in your life fits the bill, join us! SweatFlix℠ offers you over 80 hours of on demand, real time workouts! Whether you're looking for a month long bootcamp or a shorter series, our trainers work right along with you! With new and exclusive content being added all the time, you'll never have to workout alone! If you need a little more support than that, SweatFlix℠ offers you access to our BodyRock Insider group on Facebook! Share your successes and your concerns! Reach out, there is always someone there to help! Let's do this together! What do you look for in a workout partner?

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