Here's Why Losing Weight Comes Down To Loving Yourself!

It likely doesn't come as a shock to you to hear us say that diets don't work. But unfortunately, many women don't know any other way to try slimming down. Diets take the process outside of the self and put the focus on things like food and calorie consumption. Plain and simple, that type of obsessiveness just doesn't work. If your focus is on what you should and should not be doing, it is easy to be harsh and critical with yourself. You may feel you should be able to do more reps at the gym even though you've already pushed your body to its limit. How many times have you found yourself saying "if only I could [insert aspiration here]" and spend hours feeling like a failure because you can't? It is time to stop all your negative self-talk and do some listening instead. Our bodies send us signals telling us what it needs every second of every day and the majority of the time, we don't listen. When we're exhausted, we keep going. When we're lonely, we eat food. When we need to move, we remain on the sofa. INPOST-gymtime Your body is your friend, don't fight it. Listen to it. Here are some ways you can start:

Feel what you're feeling

Ask, "how do I feel right now?" and be honest with the answer. Don't distract yourself with television, food, shopping, alcohol, social media. Whatever your normal escape is, don't allow for it in this moment. If you normally turn to food for comfort, ask yourself why you need comforting. If you are lonely, call your friend for a little chat. You'll feel revived when you hang up the phone and no longer want to reach for that take-out menu.

Accept what you're feeling

Don't be harsh or judgmental with yourself! Instead of beating yourself up for wanting junk food, compromise. If you want a burger and fries but know you should be eating a salad, meet yourself half way. Have the burger, without the bun and a salad on the side. You are allowed to want certain things. INPOST-diet [bctt tweet="Here's Why Losing Weight Comes Down To Loving Yourself!"]

Be open to your body

It is constantly talking, but we are seldom listening. Be quiet with yourself. Breathe deeply. When you are open to your body and what it needs, you'll be less likely to want to pollute or damage it. Work with your body toward your goals.

Trust your body

Your body has a vested interest in your survival. It knows how to do it better than you might think. By participating in activities like yoga or meditation, you can create a sense of awareness. When you know all the ways your body is trying to help you, you will make healthier choices.

Live your life

Stop obsessing over every little detail when it comes to diet and exercise. When you feel hungry, ask yourself if you are actually hungry or if you are craving something else. If it isn't real physical hunger, deal with what is actually driving you in that moment. You wouldn't believe the weight that can be lost by avoiding food when you are not hungry. Food isn't "good" or "bad," it is simply food. Be emotionally available to yourself. You do a world of damage by ignoring how you really feel. If you take these moments an check in with yourself, over time, you will know what you are looking for and no longer feel the desire to satisfy your emotions with food. Ask your body what it wants and don't judge the answer. If your body says it is tired, it is okay to skip the gym. Resting up means you can turn out an even better workout tomorrow. If you love your body, cherish it and nurture it, it will get you where you need to be. Trust and be loving. The best weight loss advice out there! How do you listen to your body? Source: Elite Daily

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