Here's Why You Need To Drop The "30 Minutes Or Bust" Gym Mentality

You knew working out could be fun, right? It doesn't have to feel like a chore! For most of us, daily life is full of to-do lists, work tasks, errands, friends, family and hopefully a little down time. With such jam packed schedules, it can be easy to think of the gym as one more thing to do. But you make yourself go. You get on that treadmill and you begrudgingly run for 30 minutes, watching that clock the whole time, praying it would just end. Or, you get bored and decide to call it quits early, filling yourself with guilt. It is not a secret to anyone that improving your fitness through cardiovascular exercise and strength training is the key to a long and healthy life. It can reduce your risk of many life threatening illnesses. But, it can also be fun. inpost3   So, stop thinking about exercise as something you have to do. Change your mindset and follow a few little tips and you'll be thinking of exercise as something you want to be doing. Keep this in mind: if you enjoy your workouts, you're more likely to stick with them which is the only way they can improve your health. Consistency is everything. [bctt tweet="Here's Why You Need To Drop The "30 Minutes Or Bust" Gym Mentality"] Set A Timer Forget the idea that if you don't have at least 30 minutes, it isn't worth doing. Look at your schedule and if you only have 10 minutes to devote to your workout, than kill those 10 minutes. Hop on the treadmill, stationary bike or elliptical and bust out some intervals. It doesn't take a lot of time for your body to see improvements. If you've only got 5 minutes, no problem. Bust out some squats, push-ups and planks. Anything you can do is better than doing nothing. Give yourself permission to be outside the box here. Getting fit isn't about showing up for a certain amount of time. It is about showing up, period. Look at the time you do have, set a timer and break a sweat. Switch It Up If you can't remember the last time you tried something new in your routine, it may be time. Ask yourself what you really want to be doing for exercise. You don't have to stick to the same cardio equipment you've been using since you joined the gym. Basically, don't be afraid to ask yourself what you'd like to do instead of sticking to what you've always done. If your current routine doesn't get you excited, then mix it up. At BodyRock, we've just made it so much easier for you to step outside of your comfort zone! With SweatFlix℠, you'll have access to over 80 hours of on demand workouts. From beginner to advanced, bootcamps to yoga, we've got everything you could want! And with new and exclusive content being added all the time, you'll always be able to find something to suit your fancy! inpost2   Remember That You’re Human Things happen in life. Sometimes your best intentions are thwarted by other demands. It happens. Sometimes you have to skip a workout, sometimes you have to cut one short. No worries, tomorrow is another day. Your goal should be to make the most of whatever time you do have. Have fun with the process. If you find yourself feeling weighed down by "should dos," let go. Approach your fitness routines with a "get to do" attitude instead of a "should do" and you'll not only find it easier to pull off, you'll have more fun when you do. Exercise is a choice, one you've already made, so now make the choice to enjoy it! How do you keep your workouts from feeling like chore? Source: Women's Health

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