Hershey’s is Trying to Take Down Nutella

Chocolate companies could perhaps be the most dirty players of them all, anyways Hershey’s is.  I remember clearly when Nutella made its debut in the US (its originally European) and the fans just kept rolling in.  Fox News reported that over the past five years Nutella sales in the United States have tripled to $240.4 million. Hershey’s is trying to cash in on the Nutella phenomenon because spreadable chocolate sounds like everyone’s dream come true.  Too bad it wasn’t actually healthy for you.  Hershey’s believes there’s room for them in the Nutella market.  “The average American snacks more than two times a day and what better way to transform everyday snacks into delicious treats, than with the genuine chocolate flavor that only Hershey can deliver," said a spokeswoman for Hershey's in a press release. The press release also suggested, “...more adventurous pairings like celery, pineapple or pickles, Hershey's Spreads is the ultimate snack enhancer.”  Well alrighty then.  Let’s just see Hershey’s try and take down Nutella.

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