High Caffeine Energy Drinks - A Necessity of Modern Life or a Dangerous Substance?

It has recently been announced that British supermarket chain, Morrison's, has decided to ban the sale of high caffeine energy drinks to under 16-year-olds unless they are accompanied by an adult.

The decision for this ban comes after concerns of extreme caffeine intake by children as some energy drinks contain more than 300mg of caffeine per litre.

In 2012 the family of a 14-year-old girl in America sued the energy drinks company 'Monster' after the teenager died of a heart attack caused by caffeine toxicity from drinking two cans of Monster energy drinks.

The drinks have long been linked with controversy as it is not yet known what the long term health effects of them are. However many people drink them pre-workout as they say it gives them a boost which makes them workout even harder therefore, giving better results.

Do you drink an energy drink before your workout? Does it give you a boost? Or do you get your boost from a natural sugar source?

Many people consume energy drinks for a pick-me-up boost when working long days or driving long distances, and although people are notably concerned about the effects they are having on their health, some struggle to find an alternative way to continue their lifestyle without the regular boost that these high caffeine drinks give them.

But what do you think? Are they a great way to get a shot of caffeine? Be it for pre workout or just to get through the day. Or are they a dangerous substance that should be restricted, as Morrison's supermarket has chosen to do? Share your thoughts with us!


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