Are High Heels and Poor Posture Making Your Breasts Sag?

I immediately straightened up in my chair when I read this shocking news! I was nagged as a child by my mother to sit up straight, but I'll admit I've neglected the practice a lot in recent years. However, new evidence reveals that posture plays a role in your breasts sag-level. Who knew?

Poor posture (slumping forward while driving, or sitting at a desk or working at your computer as I am right now) causes your chest muscles to stiffen and your shoulders to pull back. This can result in a permanent slouch over time. It causes our stomach to bulge forward, making it look like you have a belly when you're actually quite fit (I look down and check, it's true!). It also can give you shoulder and neck pain. As the years go on and muscles get tight you compensate by slouching more, and your boobs begin to look more and more sagged. (Oh my!)

It gets worse. High heels also cause pain in your back, and tight muscles. You may not even notice that you're slouching, but your body becomes comfortable in this position. Thus, the dreaded boob sag.

So what can be done? I ask myself as I stare down my leg to my gorgeous new 4 inch wedges. Well, it's important to always sit as tall as you can. Imagine a string is attached to your chest and it's tugging towards the ceiling at all times. Brace your abs really tight and inhale for 10 seconds. Practice this everyday to prevent lower back pain.

You can also loosen your chest muscles. Place your arm against a door frame with a flat palm, keep your palm facing forward and bend your elbow. Now step through the doorway. You should feel the stretch in your chest. Hold it there for 30 seconds and repeat with the other arm. Your chest muscles get tight when you slump, causing pain and future slumping.

So there is hope for all you poorly postured heel-fanatics out there! Let us know your thoughts in a comment!

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