High Intensity Strength Training: The Drop Set

One of the best ways to get a quality high intensity workout with weights is to incorporate a technique called the Drop Set. A drop set is the simple technique where you perform a set of any exercise to failure or just short of failure, then reduce the weight and continue on reducing the weight until you reach a set stopping point.  According to Arnold's Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding, the drop set method was originally "discovered" in 1947 by Henry Atkins, editor of Body Culture magazine. Since its inception it has been used by many bodybuilders as the premier way to tear down muscle fibers and increase hypertrophy (muscle size).

So, how can you incorporate it into your routine?  Easy!  Follow these simple rules and you will be on your way to building those boulder shoulders or that lifted booty that you have always wanted!

1. Keep the "rest" between sets to a minimum.  Some people will go as long as 3 minutes between sets.  If you are looking to torch fat and build muscle opt for 45 seconds to a minute at max between sets

2. Stay in the 8-12 rep range.  This will ensure maximum hypertrophy and keep you in the fat burning zone.

3. Start with three drops and increase from there as you progress.  Try to incorporate this into your regular routine as a finisher and then add more drops as you progress.

4.  Practice this technique when the gym is less crowded as it is difficult to grab all the weights needed if there are others using them.

5.  Set up your station before you start.  In my video below I show you how to have your weights prepped so you can just get ready and go.

Watch the video below for a quick shoulder side lateral raise dropset to see how it works!


image from: www.leanitup.com


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