HIIT it Hard 40/10 Workout #2

How did you do on Day 1? Get to it here! As mentioned before, I designed 5 different workouts this week to work your whole body in different ways. We will incorporate bodyweight training with weighted work and switch up the timed work and do timed rep work as well! With every day this week though, we will work in a 40/10 ratio. Some days that means 40 seconds on, 10 seconds rest and other days it may mean 40 reps of one exercise followed by 10 reps of another! Either way, this will keep it fresh and interesting! Each round one time through will take you about 15 minutes, shoot for 2 rounds, about 30 minutes, 4 round about 45. Go at your own pace and CHALLENGE YOURSELF! I can't say this enough. If you can carry on a conversation while completing these programs, you are not working hard enough.


Set your timers for 40 seconds on, 10 seconds off, 15 rounds! Rocket Launchers Weighted Squats Rocket Launchers Weighted Reverse Lunges Rocket Launchers Deadlifts Rocket Launchers Split Squat Left (weighted) Rocket Launchers Split Squat Right (weighted) Rocket Launchers Weighed Plie Squat with calf raise Rocket Launchers Weighted bridge Rocket Launchers I go through the workout above in real time below! http://youtu.be/nou4XmBZ27A Check out my Facebook and youtube page for more workouts, tips and information on living a healthy lifestyle!    
Featured Image: Heather Leff

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