HIIT it Hard 40/10 Workout #4

How did you do on Day 1? Get to it here! Did you finish Day 2? Step to it! How about Day 3? Get to those climbers and get ready for a new REP workout today!! Today we are mixing it up a bit! We are now more than half way through the week! As mentioned before, I designed these workouts this week to work your whole body in different ways. We incorporate bodyweight training with weighted work and switch up the timed work and do timed rep work as well! Today we will still work in the 40/10 ratio, but instead of working in time, we are working in 40 reps and 10 reps. Every 40 reps will be a different exercise (listed below) and all the 10 reps following the 40 reps will be wait for it.......BURPEES!! Go at your own pace and CHALLENGE YOURSELF! If it doesn't CHALLENGE you, it DOESN'T CHANGE YOU.


Complete 40 reps of each exercise below followed by the 10 burpees. If you are JUST starting out as a beginner, you can take the rep range down to 20 reps total of the exercise, followed by 5-10 reps of half burpees - without the push up (if you can't yet do a full burped). An even further modification would be to start in a push up position, walk each leg back in and out again, then to standing position and repeat. Reverse Lunge with Kick (20 reps on each side - 40 total) Burpees 10 reps One Leg Lunge and Press with Dumbbell (20 reps each side with one dumbbell - 40 total) Burpees 10 reps One Leg One Arm Row with Dumbbell (20 reps each side with one dumbbell - 40 total) Burpees 10 reps Side Plank with Reach Through (20 reps each side - 40 total) Burpees 10 reps Reverse Crunch with Heel Drop (40 reps as a set of 2) Burpees 10 reps Push up to Pike Push Up (20 reps of each - 40 total) Burpees 10 reps High Knee Sprint (40 on each side) Burpees 10 reps I go through the moves with you below in the demo. http://youtu.be/DEjLOfGx-1Q Check out my Facebook and youtube page for more workouts, tips and information on living a healthy lifestyle!

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