HIIT Max Week 10! Workouts 46-50: Modifications, Strength Moves and Substitutions


Week 10 is here – the last week of HIIT Max season 2, and it’s a killer week. Another 50/10 with a cardio or strength option except for Thursday where Lisa really mixes things up. It is another very high intensity week with a great deal of jumping and plyometric moves. If you are not someone who can jump a lot, then simply do the same exercises as Lisa without the jumping to modify.

You may also wish to remove the jumping portion of some of the exercises if you wish to add heavy weight instead as another alternative. How are you newer folks feeling 10 weeks in?! Try and again this week keep up with the 50/10 protocol and/or accumulate all the workouts this week as Lisa recommends.

How are you strength seekers feeling this week? Try for some heavier weights this week especially on the legs.


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Day 1 is death by burpees! The cardio is a Switch Burpee and double tap feet. There are many alternatives for this one: do the same thing without jumping, just do the double tap feet if you want to focus more on the inner thighs, or omit the switch jump if it gets a little hard to follow along.

You could always do weighted plié squats for added strength. The strength move is a clean and press and squat and press. Due to the amount of planks, push-ups and pressing in this series, you can do the clean to a squat only as an option.

There are 3 variations of push-up/burpees/planks in this routine with many advanced moves. Don’t worry if you can’t keep pace. Do what you can.

Modify with knees down, do the side planks with your elbow down, or break down the exercises if you need to. For instance, the Roll Spider, Push-up & Burpee Tuck – just do the roll into spider push-ups, or just do the burpee tuck. The side kick exercise can be really hard on your balance, and if you are getting frustrated try curtsy lunges with body weight or add extra weight for more strength. It's a great exercise for the booty.

On day 2, Lisa offers us cardio as a Switch Lunge & knee (alternating legs) and the strength as a Squat & Front Raise. You can try the Switch lunge and knee all on one side as an option for a real glute burner – and it will also take out some of the jumping. The squat with front raise can be done as a front squat or goblet squat if you want more attention on the legs.

Lisa introduces the Knee Tbar Obliques and what if you don’t have a Tbar? You can substitute by trying these standing on a resistance band, hold handles with both hand, arms stretched out in front of you, and go side to side. You can also do these as a Russian Twist alternative with perfectly straight arms holding a weight out in front of your chest. The deadlift and knee tuck with shoulder press can be a difficult move to follow along with. Try a single leg deadlift alone – use bodyweight if you are newer to this exercise or go heavy if you want more strength. The elevated touches can be done on the floor or even as the bird dog exercise for you newbies. The 1 arm plank tri dips can be done on your knees as well.

Day 3 is all about abs. The cardio is a crazy 1,2,3 Shuttle Runs, and the strength is swings. Stick with swings if you are choreographically challenged, or you can do high knees. For the Plank twist move, modify by dropping the bottom knee, or come down onto your forearm. You can try and leave your top leg elevated for more strength – if you really even need it here. The rolling V can be done with bent knees and the bike abs can be done with the feet on the floor. Both of these things will alleviate pressure off the low back if it is bothering you.

Day 4, Lisa gives us a completely different kind of workouts with no cardio or strength option. It is a 40/10 and it is a weight lifting day. Get out your weights, Kettlebells, Sandbags, water jugs, soup cans, whatever it is you use.

You can use body weight where you need to for a modification, and for your strength folks, go as heavy as you can. This is very upper body dominant today, so if you want to sub out one of the exercises, add in some lunges, wall sits, or weighted glute bridges for the booty. There are step ups for the legs, so you might be able to go heavier here as there is not much leg work. For the incline chest work, do it right on the floor if you don’t have a bench to use. Go crazy on the pull-ups! Not as many pulling exercises through-out the series so give these all you got.

Don’t have an Equalizer? Put your broom or mop between 2 chairs, climb underneath and PULL! If you have light weights keep the arms straighter for the lateral raises and it will make it harder. If you have heavy weights, you can do push presses like Lisa does using the legs a bit to help you get your weights overhead.

Day 5 is back to 50/10 with a cardio or strength option. The cardio is skipping (you can pretend to skip, do high knees, run in place or simply march in place to ease up a bit). The strength is step ups. Go with body weight if your legs are tired or ramp up the weights if your legs can handle it.

No step? Do reverse lunges. The touch center jumps can be done without the jumps to modify or no jumps, but added weights for added strength. The bend over rows and flies can be done as 2 separate moves if you’d like as we are stronger with rows than flies. The switch kick moves can be done with your hands elevated on a step or coffee table to ease up on the low back if you need it. The squats can be done with or without the press. The super girls can be done alone without the knee touch, or done on the knees to lessen the movement.

Lisa is on a much deserved break and we will see more of her in the new year. Keep on HIITing it til then!

If you need an exercise or a piece of equipment alternative, simply ask me. If I don’t happen to have a suggestion I’m sure some of your fellow bodyrockers will.

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