HIIT Max Week 11: For Beginners, Strength Seekers and Alternatives


Here are the basics that can be applied to all the series of HIIT Max:   Beginners: Pause the video is many times as you need to but try and finish the whole workout. Lisa often does a lot of jumping moves so if jumping is not for you yet  - do the same exercise without the jumps. If Lisa is using added resistance feel free to use your own body weight or light weights. Lisa recommends we add one work out onto the next throughout the week, but just complete one workout per day and add on more when you feel ready. There are a lot of planks and push-ups and feel free to do as many on your knees as you need to.   Strength seekers: For weighted exercises do 8-12 reps with as heavy weight as you can manage instead of doing 30/10. Save the 30/10 for the cardio moves. Repeat the same day 2-3 times through rather than adding one day to the next as repeating exercises day after day can zap some of your strength. You can skip some of the cardio and add in a strength exercise instead. Take longer rests if needed to regain some strength if you want to use heavier weights.   Equipment substiutions: Equalizer= table, chairs, couch etc Step= stool, bench, stairs HIIT bar/weights= Kettlebells, dumbbells, resistance bands, water bottles, soup cans Sandbag= purse, backpack, gym bag and fill with sand, water bottles, rice, kitty litter. See BRs post for DIY equipment here: http://www.bodyrock.tv/2013/11/01/free-equipment-ideas-excuses/  

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afe5754f5d7a8b50f131ad3ceb78d5d6_grande Now for specifics for this week: Cardio junkies: Skip (or other cardio) between each exercise or try doing 3 minutes of cardio at the beginning, during the middle and end at the workout to mix it up a little.   Beginners: There are a couple of variations of reverse planks or crabs, where your butt is off the floor. You can try these with your butt on the floor or do another abdominal exercise. You can even just perform crunches laying down on your back. One day 52 there is the Lotus one leg squat so if you have trouble with balance just hold onto a wall next to you. The push-up leg over reach can be done where you practice the puhs-ups for the first 30 seconds, and the over reach the next 30 seconds.   On day 53 try bird-dog instead of super girls. For the lunge combo that Lisa does, just stick with reverse lunges for now if you're wobbly or struggle with them. The shoulder squat & drop tucks exercise – you can stick with the shoulder squat only.   With some of that fancy or push-ups and planks that Lisa does   - and there's a lot of them on day 54 - try just holding plank either on your hands or on your forearms without your knees being on the floor to get stronger. Also on day 54 the shuffle and burpee you could just practice the shuffle or just practice the burpee.  You can do the single leg push up reptile with one knee on the floor.   On day 55 the lunge into push up can be done with hands on a step (bench etc) so don't have to reach so far for the floor. Lots of plank work again today and all that can be done on your knees.   For day 56 if you're a beginner you don't need to do eight rounds of eight -  you can do four rounds of eight maybe you do eight rounds of four, but you can choose something that's more at your tempo.     Strength folks: Keep your weighted vests on and/or increase the work/rest to 50/10. For a lot of the combo moves separate them so can use appropriate weights for each. For instance, when Lisa does a one leg deadlift & row, do one leg deadlifts then do the rows as a separate exercise. Lisa also does a lot of exercises back to back that use the same body parts. You can rearrange the order of the exercises so the same body parts aren't use back to back so you can use your heavier weights. On Day 55 for example there is the 1 Leg Push & Jump Out Legs, then Plank Reach, then Plank Front & fly and then Push-up Row and Kick back. That’s a lot on the same muscle group in a row. As an example, you can do the bent over rows, then the 1 leg push-ups, the bent over flies, then plank reach, the one arm pull-ups, then the Plank Front & Fly. That way you are doing opposing muscle groups of push and pull. You’ll most likely be able to use heavier weights that way. One Day 56 with the 8 x 8, you can go for all 8 rounds, OR do 4 rounds of 8 reps using your heaviest weight for all 4 rounds.   As always, if you need an exercise or piece of equipment alternative, ask away! I bet if I don’t know the answer, one of your fellow bodyrockers will. Feel free to follow me on my Facebook page or check out more from me on my blog at www.zuzanaorbodyrockaddict.blogspot.com      

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