HIIT MAX Week 7, Workouts 31-35: Cardio vs. Strength Modifications and Alternatives


We are now into Week 7! Lisa is at it again with more hard core crazy workouts to whip us into shape. It is another 50/10 week and it is another week where we have an option of cardio or a strength move. If you did cardio last week, do strength this week. If you did strength last week try cardio this week to mix it up. However, if it is strength you are really after, then certainly choose the strength option again. The stronger you are the better you look and it can be hard to get stronger if you are constantly zapped from too much cardio. This week is a bit upper body dominant with plenty of overhead pressing.  Shoulders being one of the more injury prone parts of the body, I’ve got some options here for you. FYI - There is an overhead pressing exercise every day except day 4. If you are accumulating days then you will be pressing every day. If this is too much on your shoulders you can skip it and perhaps throw in some lower body work such as glute bridging or hip thrusters. Since most of the overhead pressing involves a squat or a clean, you can break the exercises down and simply leave out the pressing portion. You could also do a lateral raise or an upright row for a different shoulder exercise. On Day 1 we are given wood chops as an exercise using the Wall Ball. No ball – then use a water jug instead, or a lighter weight that you have at home. This too requires some shoulder work, so a standing Russian twist might better suit your needs. There’s also the 1 arm pressup which is a super hard exercise – so feel free to use both arms, or press up just to your knees and stop there. On Day 2 the cardio is log jumps to runner jumps – which is a great exercise for the back side of the legs. You can ignore the jumps or you can do weighted single leg deadlifts (or even curtsy lunges) to make it more of a strength move. The strength move is clean and press, so up to you how much pressing you can handle. Lisa does reverse lunges coupled with arm work. Making these into 2 separate exercises can either help you follow along better if needed, and you can use appropriate weight for each body part. Typically the weakest body part dictates what weight you will use, so if you are going for that strength component break it down. The scissor jumps to squats can be hard on the joints, so modify here with plié squats without the impact. Day 3 has oodles of jumping (I know many of the days do) so only jump through all the exercises if you can. Leaving some out and putting some back in is fine – especially if you are newer or have cranky joints. Listen to your body! Using bodyweight and keeping up with the jumps is a nice option or leave out the jumps and ADD weight to make it strength based. Day 4 Lisa gives us the option of Burpee to a Squat or Swings. If you have had enough on the arms then do the swings. You can do the Burpees to a low squat for more work on the legs. Of course Lisa does her crazy jump tuck jump squat variation. Skip the tuck jumps to modify and drive your knees into your chest – alternating right leg then left for a high intensity, but low impact move. Do regular squats instead of jumping ones. OR do weighted Goblet squats for more strength. The kneeling triceps dips can be done right off your kitchen table if you do not have an Equalizer. Day 5 is more of a weight lifting day. I would reverse the order to make it even more strength – working larger muscles to smaller ones: Squats, Bent-over Row, Shoulder Press (or lateral raise or upright row), Bicep Curls, Tricep Dips, Ab Tucks. The cardio is a squat and press, the strength a clean and press. How much pressing are you ready for? Go for it if you are ok with it! Or even if you just perform  the cleans every single time you would still get a great workout. Doing repetitions of cleans is another way to really get your heart rate up. Another great option is an sumo deadlift high pull – which could be done with a Sandbag, HIIT bar, a dumbbell or a Kettlebell. plus-fb copy

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How are you newer folks feeling now in Week 7? How many of the days can you do in a row now? Try for one more this week than last week or try and keep up the cardio/strength each time with no break. How are you strength seekers feeling? Can you add a little more weight in this week? Or squeak out one more rep of your hardest exercise? As always, if you need an exercise or a piece of equipment alternative, ask away! If I don’t happen to have a suggestion I bet some of your fellow bodyrockers will. Feel free to follow me on my Facebook page or check out more from me on my blog, www. zuzanaorbodyrockaddict.blogspot.com

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