HIIT Max Week 8: Workouts 36-40, Strength Week Modifications and Substiutions


Strength Week is here! It’s week 8 with Lisa and she uses a 50/10 protocol with 12 different exercises (except for Friday) each day to get those muscles worked every which way possible. Lisa asks us to go as heavy as we can, so go for it! Get out your home weights, sandbags, Kettlebells, water jugs, what have you and work it. Don’t worry – Lisa still blends in cardio with some jumping moves, burpees, and mountain climbers. You can leave out ALL the jumping and add in more weights if you want to make it a strict strength week. Bodybuilders and Power Lifters avoid jumping in order to keep their strength at optimal levels. Just worth noting in case it is something you want to experiment with for the week. Secondly, if you are a true cardio person and have to have it in there, add in jumping rope, jumping jacks, mountain climbers and high knees variations. Try avoiding burpees with push-ups and jump squats as your cardio to save some muscle energy for the strength. As I have recommended in previous posts, for strength you may want to repeat each day for 2-4 rounds instead of accumulating days to rest up your muscle power. Bar1

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Day 1 is upper body day.  Lots of planks, push-ups, and pressing. There is less pulling/back exercises, so add in another back exercise or a bicep curl if you need to replace one of the push exercises. A good place to throw these in might be during the 4 Runner Walking Taps, 10 Mountain Climbers & Tuck. Take out the cardio piece add in a superman, bent over row or alternating bicep curls. It is also a more difficult combo to follow, so you can modify there for that reason as well. The jump and twist exercise is also another good place to add in an additional strength move – turn these into box squats or single arm suitcase deadlifts. Go heavy and these will get your heart rate up more than you think it will! Day 2 is leg day. Lisa does throw in some upper body by adding pressing moves in with the leg exercises. A lot of us have weaker shoulders than legs, so just do the leg exercise without the press if you want to concentrate on gaining leg strength. The 1 leg pogos can be done without the jump and a heavier weight to focus more on the hamstrings. The jump box squats can be performed as regular box squats with your own bodyweight if your legs are getting tired, or with weight for added muscle work.  The pistols can be done holding onto a chair for added assistance. You can also try just going down half way without sitting on a chair, couch, bench etc. Of course do a full pistol if you can. Skip the pressing part here too if you again want to fully concentrate on the legs. Day 3 is all about the core. Lisa uses the Wall Ball throughout this routine. To substitute, you could do the exercises without a ball or if you have a basketball or a kid’s ball around the house you could use one of those. The 1 leg bridging could be done off of a table rather than a ball and this will actually isolate the glutes more. Performing these on a ball works more into the hamstring. If you have trouble balancing on one leg here, do both legs at the same time and put a weight, the HIIT Bar or your sandbag across your lap for added resistance. The plank leg kicks done on an Equalizer could also be done off a table or chair or even done on the floor. Drop to your knees if you need to instead. Lisa does a couple more plank variations: plank grab ass (who comes up with these names? LOL) and the plank double under twists where you could add a weight for more strength or drop to your knees to modify. Day 4 is full body. Lisa mixes in arms, legs and abs. There is a lot of jumping in day 4, so exclude them if your joints need a break or exclude them to use heavier weights. There are quite a few variations of push-ups again, so if your wrists or shoulders need a rest do a pull motion – pull-ups off your Equalizer, kitchen table, or even a door knob, or perform bent-over rows or single arm rows. When it is time for swings – go heavy today! Put some more weight in your sandbag or try double Kettlebells if that is what you are using. Day 5 is a 30/10 day with 4 exercises that you repeat 4 times through. 3 out of the 4 exercises uses a push motion so sub one out if you need to – do a back exercise, a bicep curl, lateral raise or a deadlift. For dips, you can keep your feet on the floor, or do them off of your coffee table and bend your knees to modify the movement – especially since your arms are probably toast by now.


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Don’t forget, if you need an exercise or a piece of equipment alternative, simply ask me! If I don’t happen to have a suggestion I’m sure some of your fellow bodyrockers will. Feel free to follow me on my Facebook page or check out more from me on my blog, www. zuzanaorbodyrockaddict.blogspot.com

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