HIIT Max Week 9, Workouts 41-45: Substitutions, Alternatives and Strength Components


Week 9 is here and it’s couplet week and another 50/10 week. I am starting to think that Lisa might be trying to kill us with push-ups. (Kidding – I think!) There are a lot of push-ups again this week, so keep in mind that you can hold plank, you can do push-ups on your knees or substitute in a back or bicep exercise to alleviate the shoulders and wrists. To help out with the push-ups, look slightly forward, not down or you will round your back. Lead with your chest, not your neck or nose. Keep your abs engaged and hips still. We are given 2 exercises each day with a cardio option to do in between each exercise. There is also a mini burnout at the end of every workout. If you are too tired, skip the mini burnout at the end. If you are looking for more strength, you can pick one strength exercise to work on instead. plus-2  

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  Since it is week 9, for those of you going for strength, see if you can use a little more weight this week. For those of you who are newer, see if you can do all the workouts back to back this week, and if that’s not possible, see if you can stay with the 50/10 protocol. Give it a go. Day 1 our cardio is a Burpee Lunge. You can just do bodyweight lunges if you need a break from being on your hands, or make them weighted lunges for an added strength component. For the Triceps dips Switch legs exercise, use 2 chairs, or put a chair next to your counter top if you don’t have an Equalizer. Or just do the dips off your couch, table or even off the bottom step of your staircase. Day 2 our cardio is Ball or Box side taps. You could use a step, a box, a stack of books if you do not have a ball. If you want more strength and less cardio, do weighted plié squats for your inner thighs. The couplet is Bunny jumps with tucks jumps and Super girl push-up with touch knee. WOW! So leave out the jumping if you need to. Do the push-ups on your knees if you need to modify. Or give this crazy combo your best shot. Day 3 has our cardio as Bosu jump overs. Lisa uses a step. You could also do these side to side right on the floor with no ball or step. Exclude the jumping if need be and go low in the squats as Lisa suggests. The couplet involves a Chest press with jacks legs and Bent over rows. Lisa uses the HIIT Bar, but you can use weights, Kettlebells, a Sandbag, your water bottles, etc. You can do these with or without the jack legs. You can make them 2 separate moves to be easier to follow along, or if you like to go super heavy on the chest press it might be too much to do the jack legs at the same time. The Bent over rows can be done as single arm rows if that works better for you. Go heavy if you want to.


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On Day 4 Lisa has us doing Mountain step and opposite elbow to knee touch for our cardio. Skip the elbow to knee touch to make it a little easier. The couplet involves Plank High Low to Push-Up & 10 Mountain Climbers with Squat & press and Lunge & press. You can work on the high to low planks and skip the mountain climbers – this could make it easier to follow but also harder on the triceps. If you are having trouble or just fatigued with all the pressing moves, you can do it every other round, or leave it out completely, go for heavier weight and put more effort on the legs. Day 5 has MORE push-ups! The cardio is swings. Go heavy if you’d like and don’t worry about lasting the 50 seconds. Alternating arms like Lisa does also makes it a bit harder. Remember swings are a hip hinge movement (as Lisa explains), not a squatting movement. You move your hips back and forth, you are not squatting up and down. The couplet is 1 leg push-up & turn switch with 2 x walking push-ups to 10 mountain climbers to jump tuck. You can focus on just the turn switch and leave out the push-up to modify here. The switch turn takes a little getting used to. The 2 x walking push-ups you can lay down and do 2 superman lifts instead, move into the mountain climbers and stand up instead of jumping. You could also exclude that completely and just go back and forth between the supermans and mountain climbers as a substitution. If you need an exercise or a piece of equipment alternative, simply ask me! If I don’t happen to have a suggestion I’m sure some of your fellow bodyrockers will. Feel free to follow me on my Facebook page or check out more from me on my blog, www. zuzanaorbodyrockaddict.blogspot.com

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