HIIT Max: Workouts 1-5, Modifications for Beginners, Strength Seekers and Equipment Alternatives


First thing I noticed about this week other than looking like we are going to sweat like crazy is  – lots of equipment – new and old. Don’t have access to all the equipment? No problem. I’ve got some suggestions. I also noticed lots of high intensity moves. Not a jumper? Got an injury? Are you a beginner? No problem. I’ve got some tips. Want more strength and less cardio? I’ve got some thoughts for you there too.

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OK, for starters, the new the weighted vest. Is Lisa trying to kill us with this torture device? (Kidding!) Most of the moves are hard enough without the vest. Some bodyrockers have had good luck using their kiddos back packs with books, or rice in them. I’ve seen others put a pair of ankle weights strapped together around their waists. Yet others find it too uncomfortable or too hot to be worth the extra weight. There was also the new wall ball. No ball? Simply use the floor instead. You can also use a child’s ball in place of it, but it might be wobbly, so use your best judgment. I used my daughter’s soccer ball. Don’t have a bar? Use weights at your sides if you’d like instead. A great way to use some weights – take empty water gallon jugs and fill them with sand (weighs about 18 lbs each). Don’t have a sandbag? Many hardware stores sell 50 lb bags of sand for under $3! Wrap it in a large green trash bag, duct tape it, and you’re done. Don’t have an Equalizer? Just elevate your feet on something stable – your coffee table, your couch, a box, etc. Need it for dips? You can do tricep dips off of a table or chair. Put two chairs together. Do them in the corner of your counter top. I do them in between my washer and dryer. No jump rope? High knees or run up and down the stairs in your house (if you have a stair case). Don’t want to jump at all? Simply march in place.  


If you are a beginner you may want to just do ONE workout each day instead of building as the week goes along. Lisa does a lot of jumping rope, burpees, mountain climbers and jump squats all week long as well. If you are new to jumping – you can do just a few of the plyometric moves, then just remove the jumping portion of the exercise. If jumping is not your thing due to an injury or personal preference, then do the same moves, but again take the jumping portion out of it. Here are some suggestions: Jump squats – you can do the squats without the jump.  Squat down, touch your hands to the floor, stand up explosively and reach your arms for the sky. No jump needed. If your knees start to bother you at any time, hold a wall sit instead; just make sure your knees do not go past your toes. Burpees can be brutal. You are moving your body from standing to the floor back to standing again so your heart has to pump a lot of blood - everywhere. You can keep the jumps out of it if need be, so step back right leg, then left. Step forward right leg then left. Next time step back left leg than right, step forward left than right – making sure you are switching your lead leg each time. You do not need to jump back or jump forward or jump up to do this exercise. Give it a go. Mountain climbers – the more elevated you do these, the easier they are. Put your hands on your coffee table and try them. You can also step one leg in at a time rather than run them in.  


For those of you looking for more strength moves, here are some tips. Instead of building one workout on top of the next each day, do 3 rounds of each workout each day. Try a weighted jump rope. Do goblet squats instead of jumping squats. Do one arm or one legged burpees instead of regular burpees. Place your legs on the wall and try mountain climbers that way. Killer! Slow the triceps dips down – 3 count on the way down and then explode back up. Lisa also combines moves – such as a lunge and press right, then lunge and press left. Instead do the only the lunges for the 30 seconds and then only the presses for the next 30. Use heavy enough weight that you find challenging. Need a move or a piece of equipment suggestions? Please ask! If I don’t have a suggestion I’m sure some of your fellow bodyrockers will. Feel free to follow me on my Facebook page or check out more from me on my blog, www. zuzanaorbodyrockaddict.blogspot.com

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