HIIT Max Workouts 16-20: Some Great Modifications, Suggestions and Strength Exercises



It’s week four of HIIT Max and it is Crazy Couplet Week! Crazy Lisa is back with the crazy weighted vest. Can I call Lisa crazy? That’s why we enjoy her workouts though – right? No vest for me this week, and no worries if you do not have one. It’s not necessary to get a good sweat with Lisa’s couplets. This week has a very good variety of exercises working whole body. I didn’t feel like it was too upper or lower body dominant. There ends up being a lot of pressing, but I've got some alternatives for that. This week is now 40 seconds of work and 10 seconds of rest. Each day has 2 exercises and one cardio exercise. They all end with a round of jump rope. Remember – if you do not have a jump rope, high knees, up and down your stairs or a step, or just march in place. Day 1 starts with Burpees. If you would like to make them a little easier, then step back into plank and step forward and omit the jumping. If you want to make them more strength based, then use flat palms, add in a push up and jump forward with low hips to involve more legs. The 2 exercises are Switch Lunge Obliques and Swings. Go lighter if you need to and for strength go heavy – don’t worry about completing the 40 seconds with a heavier option. The Switch lunge and obliques can do done as 2 separate movements. This can be done to either make it easier on yourself, OR to make it harder by choosing appropriate resistance for each move. You will most likely be able to go a lot heavier on the lunges. They do not need to be switch lunges either. Take out the jumps for a modification if your knees aren’t up for it, or add heavy weight without the jumps to make it more strength oriented. Day 2 has cardio as Mountain Climbers on a wall ball. (I have used a soccer ball and a medicine ball as other options). Not for you? Simply do them on the floor or do them elevated on a coffee table to make them a bit easier. You can step the knees in as opposed to running them in to make it a bit easier as well. You can even do bird dog on your knees to take a lot of weight off the shoulder and wrists (on all 4’s reaching opposite leg and arm out).  Mountain climbers can also be done with your feet elevated and this can make them even harder. The couplet is Deadlift with  ½ Burpee and Weighted Squat jumps into and overhead press. Lisa uses a bar, but you can also use weights or a sandbag. If you like to go heavy on your deadlifts take out the ½ burpee. Wasn’t there enough yesterday!? (ha ha). You can also take the ½ burpee out of it and concentrate on your form with the deadlifts if you are newer. Don’t have anything equipment for these? Then do single leg deadlifts, alternating legs and reach your arms forward as your leg goes back. A nice alternative to still work those hamstrings without any added weight. The weighted jump squats with the overhead press can be done without the jumps – again to either make it easier, or use a heavy weight and make it a harder strength move. You can also omit the overhead pressing if need be or separate these into 2 moves. You can alternate and do the pressing every other round or do the squatting every other round to help out your shoulders or knees or to concentrate more on the arms or legs. Day 3 Lisa does Bosu jump overs. No Bosu ball? Lisa recommended a box or your UGI ball. If you have a step that would be a great option. Or just do side to side jumping lunges with no equipment. Remember – you can take the jumping part out of it at any time you need to.


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The couplet exercises are Clean and Press with a Squat and Press and Elevated Push-Up and knee tuck. (Did I mention Lisa is crazy?) How are those shoulders today? Lots of pressing! If it is too much, practice cleans without the pressing. It’s a great exercise in itself. You can also do a clean into a squat and omit the pressing. Feel free to use weights, Kettlbells, a sandbag, soup cans, water bottles – whatever resistance you have at home to get you moving. If you are looking for even more strength heavy cleans all by themselves will get your heart rate up and works the hamstrings, abs and upper back. Don’t have an Equalizer for the Push-up Knee Tuck? Do them off of a table, chair, or just from the floor. You can even do them from your knees if you need an easier variation. There is no shame in backing off if you need to. You want to be able to come back the next day strong! Day 4 the cardio is Surfer Burpees. More burpees! If you want to just work on the surfer squat part – go for it. It is an awesome burn on the legs. You can also leave out any of the jumps and still do the whole move. The couplet is Equalizer Triceps Dips and Tuck Abs with Goblet Squat and Press. Yup, more pressing. If you are combining all the days (or even if you are not) and your shoulders have had it, no pressing! Especially since there are triceps dips that works the front of the shoulders again. Another variation you could do here is a sumo deadlift high pull (a bit like a plié squat into an upright row) or do a wall sit and hold a weight out in front of your chest to get the upper body involved. The Equalizer Triceps Dips and Tuck Abs can be done right on the floor as an alternative or as a modification if you do not have any equipment or simply want to ease off the wrists or shoulders. I mentioned this once before, but I can do these right in between my washer and dryer in my basement. If you happen to have a similar set up, give that a try. Day 5  Lisa does plank in and outs for cardio. You can do these on your hands or forearms. For an easier version, drop your knees to the floor or step your feet in and out instead of jumping. For a harder variation, go from your hands to your forearms and your forearms back to your knees in between each jump. The couplet is Equalizer Tuck with V abs and Overhead press and lift. Lisa uses the Equalizer again for the Tuck and V abs. No equalizer? No problem – use your floor, off of a chair, or that washer/dryer or even two chairs. Next she uses a weight for the overhead press and lift AND she leaves her feet off the floor. Use bodyweight if you prefer, leave your feet on the floor if it bothers your low back, and skip the pressing part again if you’ve had enough pressing. For those of you who are newer, but in your 4th week, try and do every round of cardio this week. Don’t worry if you can’t last the whole 40 seconds. Just do what you can, but make it a little more than last week. If you haven’t started accumulating the days like Lisa suggested, give it a try this week, even if it just once. If you have been, maybe you add on one more this week. For those of you looking for strength stick to 3 or 4 rounds of each day rather than accumulating days so you rest enough to build some muscle. And don’t forget – If you need an exercise or a piece of equipment suggestion, just ask! If I don’t have a suggestion I’m sure some of your fellow bodyrockers will. Feel free to follow me on my Facebook page or check out more from me on my blog, www. zuzanaorbodyrockaddict.blogspot.com

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