HIIT MAX Workouts 26-30: Modifications, Substitutions, and Get Stronger Moves


  We are now onto week six and Lisa is giving us an option of doing cardio or a strength move in between each given exercise. (Should we thank her for that or not?!) This gives you lots of alternatives. Some days you can do all cardio, some days all strength or you can mix it up and every other round switch out the exercise.  Try going with the exercise that you think will make you stronger. The stronger you are the better you look and the easier the exercises become. If you are typically a cardio person, try the strength options, and vice versa. Doing what you don’t normally do will have more of an impact on changing your body. I noticed that there was again a ton of push-ups, planks, and pressing this week (over 20 variations). If you feel like you need to rest your shoulders, wrists or hands, substitute in some pulling exercises (only 2 variations this week) which I mentioned in my last post as well (such as pull-ups, rows, reverse flies, bicep curls). Lisa uses the HIIT bar frequently throughout the week. Most of you probably know by now you can instead use body weight, dumbbells, Kettlebells, a Sandbag, even water bottles. Feel free to get creative! Lisa performs many combination moves – sometimes a 3 or 4-in-one kind of exercise. Break them down into 2 or even 1 exercise if you are not feeling like you can catch on. Also, breaking them down often allows you to go heavier and therefore get stronger on each specific exercise. Some of the exercise combinations requires equipment, so again just break them down so you do not need to use any equipment other than your floor, table or couch. On Monday Lisa offers us Burpees or a Clean and Press. You can try doing heavy cleans with or without the pressing for more strength. You can also try 1 legged burpees for more strength. If you feel like you need to back off you can try burpees on your knees, or even do lateral raises for shoulder work that does not involve a push. Whether or not you are a newbie or nursing an injury, or simply need to slow down, leave out the jumping part of any move. Don’t give up, let Lisa push you, but omit the jumping portion of the exercise if your body needs that. It is a 50 seconds on and 10 seconds off week, so that might make a difference for some of you. On Tuesday Lisa offers us similar cardio vs. strength moves – squats with or without the jump and a weighted punch. Jumping is not necessary to feel a burn, so leave it out if your body needs that. You can use your own body weight for the punches. You can use heavier weight for the punches and leave out the squats as an option. OR try holding the squat position while performing the punches. Ouch! For you strength people out there – if you are doing triceps dips off an Equalizer (or something similar)  – try L-sit dips. HARD. Or if you are not there yet, but want to do dips, modify by leaving your feet on the floor or just one foot on the floor. Lisa gives us the option of plank jack in and out abs or swings on Wednesday. Heavy swings is a super option for strength. Great for the booty and hamstrings. Plank leg lifts instead of jumps is also great on the abs and glutes both. Hold plank on your knees if you need to back off – that’s fine! Just don’t give up. Thursday was a crazy day with lots of new moves, hard ones, and combo ones! We are given the option of mat jumps or squat and side step on Thursday. You can do mat steps instead of jumps. You can go heavy on the squats or just use body weight. This is a great place to actually do some wall sits – great for the legs without any pressure on the joints. Another option is if you like mat jumps, try handstand walks against the wall or even handstand holds for added strength. Lisa does pistols on Thursday too. Holding a weight out in front of you rather than against your chest actually helps you with the movement. Use no assistance if you don’t need it and go for the full pistol. You can also do these with a chair next to you to hold onto for assistance. She also does a crazy Squat & Press & Leg Lift Row move. This might be hard to follow. There is already plenty of squatting and pressing so you can skip that part and modify by concentrating on the leg lift and row and work those glutes and work your back muscles with the pulling motion. Lisa showed us a great alternative to the side plank move by laying on her side instead of being propped up on her elbow. The 2 wide squat and burpee lunge is a lot to follow as well. Break it down into individual exercises and use body weight or go heavy and work that strength you are after. Friday! Finally?! We are given the option to jump rope or lunge with a chest press. If you do not have a jump rope, you can substitute by pretending – hold soup cans in your hands and mimic the movement. Jumping jacks, skipping in place or marching in place are all options. The lunge with the overhead press is done with a forward stepping lunge. If you have trouble with balance or have a knee issue try stepping backwards instead. Enough pressing? Leave it out. Or leave the bar overhead and perform overhead lunges. It is great on the core, shoulder stability and for the legs. Make sure you feel safe with your balance and comfortable with your shoulder mobility if you decide to use that option. plus3  


How are you newbies feeling this week? If you are in your 6th week see if you can make it through all the workouts this week without taking a break. If you haven't started accumulating the workouts each day, go ahead and start this week - even if it is just one day. If you have, maybe on Friday try all the workouts in a row and see how you do. Are you strength seekers getting some muscles? Keep on working those strength options and stick to 3-5 rounds of the same routine rather than adding each day onto the next. This will keep your muscles fresh and help them be better able to grow. If you need an exercise or a piece of equipment suggestion, please ask! If I don’t have a suggestion I’m sure some of your friendly bodyrockers will. Feel free to follow me on my Facebook page or check out more from me on my blog, www. zuzanaorbodyrockaddict.blogspot.com

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