HIIT Max Workouts 6-10: Modifications, Alternatives and Strength Moves


Lisa is back with more killer workouts in Week 2. The weighted vest is back as is the sandbag, the weights, the wall ball, and the Equalizer. It’s another 30/10 week except for Friday. I’ve mentioned alternatives to these pieces of equipment in my previous post: click here. The Bosu ball is introduced here for the first time in HIIT Max. I actually took the large cushion right off my couch and used that - or I didn’t use a variation at all. I tried a backpack this week filled with a case of water bottles in place of the sandbag. It was about 40 lbs. For the number of step ups that Lisa did on day #9 it was plenty.  

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If you need some tips for beginner moves or how to turn the exercises into strength based ones, then read on bodyrockers. One thing I sure noticed about this week: there’s lots of jumping. Jumping rope, pogo jumps, squat jumps, frog jumps, mat jumps, ski jumps, tuck jumps, jumping lunges, jumping tricep dips! Some of you may not want to jump, might not be there yet, might have an injury, etc. First I would recommend trying all the moves without the jumps. Maybe sometimes if you are feeling up to it you can try just a few reps of jumping, then back off. You can pretend to jump rope in place, do high knees, march in place, or go up and down on a step or a stair in place of jumping rope. Some of the jumps can be done with one leg at a time – stepping instead. For instance, frog jumps – step one leg at a time forward exaggerating the step. Step one foot over your mat at a time for mat jumps. Step side to side for the ski jumps. Drive one knee at a time into your chest for tuck jumps. Perform regular lunges instead of jumping lunges. Another note on lunges – Lisa sometimes does forward stepping lunges. Do reverse lunges if you are having knee trouble. They are easier to perform and puts more stress on the back of the leg instead of the front. If you are a beginner or need gentler modifications you can skip the cardio rounds if need be – or do every other one until you feel like you have built up enough stamina to do all the rounds. Also, if you are new, try using soup cans as a little added resistance if you’re not up to using weights yet, or just use your own bodyweight. If it is more strength you are after, you can skip some of the cardio moves and do a strength one instead – I recommend weighted glute bridges, weighted wall sits, RKC ab planks, or supergirl planks. Any kind of pulling motion is good to substitute here such as deadlifts, bent over rows and pull ups. If you do not have an Equalizer for pull ups use a broomstick between two chairs. It is a great way to be able to do pulling exercises from home. Lisa does work arms and legs together sometimes – such as lunges with biceps. You can separate these moves to make it easier on yourself. You can also separate the moves to make it harder on each specific body part by adding more weight for increased strength. Your legs can handle more weight than your arms, so maybe you use your heavy sandbag for your lunges, but your lighter weights for biceps. You can even try bicep curls on one leg – it works the core a lot too. Lisa builds one workout upon the next all week long so you keep repeating the previous day’s workout. If you are newer you might just want to stick with the one day. Since this is now your second week maybe you want to try adding on one or two of the days to progress with your fitness level. If it is strength you are after I will always recommend repeating the same day for 3 rounds using challenging weight. You can also increase the 30/10 interval to 40/10 or even 50/10. Friday was a glute burn out day. Enjoy the burn! If you are after strength add ankle weights. Adding weight to the glute bridges – sandbag, your HIIT Bar across your lap, etc – is a great way to target and strengthen the glute muscles. I have my kids sit on my lap and I bridge up and down. They think it is hilarious and I can still get my workout in. There are some push up and plank variations. Drop to your knees anytime you need to to modify. The weighted vest is a good option to make these more strength based. Keeping your feet together or stacked one on top of the other when in side plank makes them harder as does contracting the glutes. Note on planks and push-ups: Keep your gaze at your fingertips, not down or towards your belly. This helps keep your chest forward and keeps you from rounding your upper back. It will also help you get stronger by maintaining this position. Lastly, if you newer – give yourself a break and take a rest when you need it. Lisa is great at pushing you through, so do what you can. She will keep you motivated, but do not beat yourself up if you can’t keep up. Some exercise is always better than none. You’ll get there! As always - Need a move or a piece of equipment suggestions? Please ask! If I don’t have a suggestion I’m sure some of your fellow bodyrockers will. Feel free to follow me on my Facebook page or check out more from me on my blog, www. zuzanaorbodyrockaddict.blogspot.com    

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