Live, Love, Laugh - Kaz Shares her Personal Weight Loss Struggle

Well that made me cry.... Hi Kaz here, Yesterday Lisa posted a lovely post and as soon as i read it it made me cry. I'm extremely lucky to have a best friend like Lisa... I asked Lisa if i could borrow her blog today as you have been seeing snipits of my trip to Spain and i thought it would be good for me to share a little bit about me. I'm learning its good to talk and share experiences as it can help others as well as yourself. Now i've had plenty of fun, you have seen the water melon video & the jumping into the pool and the rubber ring lol but below is the more about the emational side I hope others can relate too :)) As Lisa mentioned yesterday I have'nt been very settled in my life and really just want to find routine and find my mojo. I have been so excited about seeing Lisa but knew this week might be tough and wanted to push & work as hard as I could and on top of that I completely wanted to switch my diet. Writing this now and reading that yes thats kinda a lot for me to switch to. I had days where I got frustrated, and started doubting myself, I was saying to Lisa im fine I can do it and she could clearly see what was coming out my mouth wasnt what was actually in my head ( thats the great thing about having friends who know you they can read you lol! ).  I struggle in believing  in myself and trusting what I do, I beat myself up that I should be doing better.  The differenece now is I recognize I do these things and where before they would consume me and send me in a down would spiral and ruin my day and possible my week, I can now stop breath and try & see how I can start again & in fact know what is needed. Its actually all fine you just have to flip it and see the good you achieve. Now although im saying all this believe me your not going to change over night & none of this is easy. Even though I know its breaking old habits and stopping yourself...Yesterday was I was shattered (tired) but it was second to last day I wanted to train as I knew only a few days left, but after I started I hit a wall and I just didnt have the mental energy to hold it together, now instead of saying to myself ''ok Kaz your tired, you've worked hard'' I said ''you need to do this if not you will have failed'' but after tears & a pep talk with Lisa I knew the right thing was to recognise everything this week that I HAD achieved & yes today I could have had a day off. I'm the only one who knows my body and know one else can.. we have to look after ourselves, be honest with ourselves and trust ourselves. Although this is about training all these things apply to everyday life, doing what makes me happy, making sure I feel alive, having fun, being around people who inspire me and motivate and support me is really important. Finally, I just wasnted to say a massive thank-you to Lisa for a fantastic trip. I miss her losts but I am so proud of her as are her family and friends back home. Lisa has stayed true to herelsf since joining bodyrock, she is so passionate about what she does & is one of the most open and honest people I know, and im sure you can all see that, she never stops working as this is part of her life. Lisa wants to help keep you motivated and is alwasy there for support and encouragement through her blogs, videos and posts. Any of you who have been luckily enought to meet her i'm sure will agree. ( she will hate I've written this but she deserves praise to just like she gives all of us) Enjoy your day and now time to get sweaty :) Live Love Laugh. Love Kaz.xxxx Here is the workout we did today on my final morning here. I hope you have enjoyed doing all of the workouts we did & that Lisa posted as much as I have enjoyed doing them. Follow Kaz & her real life personal journey - You can follow her stories - Weight Loss Struggle Here & Pt 1 - Here &  Pt 2 - Here [gallery ids="|"] Theres even more juicy stuff in MyBlog - Here - If you want to follow me just HIIT one of my Social Media options below.  

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