HIIT The Sweet Spot With This Fat Torching Workout!

Whip your booty into shape with this circuit of 6 Capoeria-inspired exercises and cardio bursts! You'll be feeling the burn and burning up mass amounts of calories in no time.

Exercise One: Run and Sprawl

Run in place with knees high and arms pumping for 4 seconds. Now crouch, put your palms on the floor and enter plank position. Lower your body to the floor, then pop back up into your standing position. Complete 1 set of 10 reps.

Exercise Two: Phylo Lunge

Stand with your feet hip-width apart and place your hands behind your head. Jump left leg into a reverse lunge, bending both legs 90 degrees
 while keeping you head and chest lifted. Immediately jump and switch legs, landing softly in a reverse lunge with right leg back. Quickly alternate until 1 minutes is up.

Exercise Three: Capoeira Knee Strike

Stand with feet hip-width apart and arms by sides. Step right leg into a reverse lunge, bending knee and place your left palm on floor to outside of left foot; bring right fist in front of chin with elbow bent out to side to start. Now, press into your left heel to quickly stand. Thrust your right knee forward, leaning back, bringing bent left arm up, right arm back. Land in your starting position. Continue for 30 seconds and switch sides.

Exercise Four: Single-Leg Sit-Up

Lay on your back on the floor with your hands together at your chest and elbows bent. Lift your right leg 6 inches off the floor and sit up as you lift your leg higher. Reach your hands towards your foot as you do so. Lower, switch sides and repeat for 1 minute.

Exercise Five: Side-Kneeling Circle

Kneel on floor with arms by sides. Shift your weight to left side and place left palm on floor with your right hand on hip. Keep your left knee bent and right leg straight, extending it slightly in front of body with toes pointed down and touching floor to start. Lift your right leg up and arc it back (keep leg straight and toes pointed down) to tap floor behind left foot. Repeat for 30 seconds before switching sides.

Exercise Six: Lateral Capoeira Hop

Stand with feet hip-width apart before squatting and bringing your hands to your chest. Rotate your torso to the right as you plant palms on floor outside of your right foot. Press into your palms in order to lift hips and hop feet to the right, landing to the right of your right hand. Return to your standing position and repeat for 30 seconds before switching sides. Try these intense workout and share your results with us! Source: Shape  

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