Do You Crave Six-Pack ABS?

Or ABS of Steel?

Maybe you prefer the Chiseled Effect?

Or perhaps you'd like a SEXY Flat Tummy that is Simply Trim & Toned...Whatever "Abdominal Effect" you are seeking to have for yourself, you'll need to train your abdominal muscles from ALL angles to get the best results.

Many people who are wanting to achieve a beautifully sculpted abdominal region focus mostly on the upper rectus abdominus, but neglect the obliques, and functional oblique exercises such as the side plank. If you want a truly tight and toned mid-section DO NOT avoid these important muscles! I have heard from mostly women, but also some men that training the obliques will only add bulk and width to your waistline and so they  have decided to avoid those exercises....I find this mind boggling really because the science behind weight training is that we are tearing down muscle fibers so that the tissue regenerates stronger and becomes more dense...and Dense muscle tissue occupies LESS SPACE.... so why would we avoid training these important muscles? What do you think? Personally I decided to challenge this belief system and HIIT my obliques Really Hard while incorporating cardio & core conditioning... and did I bulk up? NO. No way! In fact, quite the oppostite my waistline totally tightened up! I was very pleased with my results! So I challenge you to train your Abs completely, hitting all angles for the next 6 weeks and see how you look and feel....I am sure you will be pleasantly surprised :) DSC07146    Here's a Fat Shredding Ab workout for you to try! Set your GYMBOSS Timer for 50 seconds of work & 10 seconds of Rest
  1. Surrenders - starting on knees with both hands overhead holding a DB stand keeping hands overhead
  2. Surrenders - Other Leg leads
  3. Push ups + Knee to elbow
  4. Lying side V - Sit Oblique crunch - hand to feet
  5. Other side
  6. DB isolated crunches
  7. Side burpees
  8. Side burpees other way
  9. Bicycle abs
  10. Side plank with alternating hip drops 5 times + outside elbow to knee 5 times + elbow to ground crunch 5 times

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