HIIT Your Run

You may already be aware of the benefits of HIIT when it comes to strength training. But did you know that your runs can also benefit from a HIIT makeover? A University of Buffalo study by Luc Gosselin found that alternating between 30-90 seconds of exercise at 90% of you maximum effort and 30-60 seconds rest burned more calories in half the time than the standard aerobic training at 70% maximum effort.

Want to HIIT your next run? Try these workouts:


7 Rounds 30 seconds running or sprinting 60 seconds jogging or walking


5 Rounds 90 seconds running or sprinting 30 seconds jogging

Want an even bigger burn? Workout first thing in the morning when your body is more likely to burn fat stores for fuel versus blood sugar or a recent meal.

Photo by Aarmono

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