Hot & Fit - HiitCore #3

  .. Hi BodyRockers, Hi BodyRockers, How much time do we waste trying to fit a square peg into a round hole?
If you find yourself having to "sell" how special you are to others then chances are you are talking to the wrong person. If you find yourself having to convince someone that you are trustworthy and decent, chances are that you are talking to the wrong person. If people don't look at you and recognize you for the vibrant, decent and wonderful person you are - chances are they are a square peg. Trying to convince others of your worth is heartbreaking and exhausting and in the end even if you temporarily manage to convince them it rarely lasts. Surround yourself with people who recognize you as a good person without the hard sell because in the end you can't buy loyalty anyway.
Enjoy your workout . HiitCore Workout Video: . Screen Shot 2014-04-02 at 8.39.27 PM . The Workout: / . ..  [wobreakdown] . Workout Breakdown: . Set your interval timer  to 5 Rounds of 50 Seconds Work & 10 Seconds Rest - Complete the following 6 exercises once through. (or again if you need a killer ab session) . 73540_397082623715562_469733508_n543781_397082617048896_1924139363_n . Workout Breakdown Pictures: . 1a. 734295_397082263715598_1649401968_n 1b. 598906_397080833715741_1356612736_n 2. 602827_397080840382407_1125295145_n 3a. 69655_397080873715737_217839437_n 3b. 150979_397080877049070_1959691822_n 4. 75854_397080903715734_2017186959_n 5. 66189_397080940382397_1597809477_n 6a. 304782_397080947049063_1810790777_n 6b. 376338_397080967049061_2107838817_n 2.5b.  

Screen Shot 2013-09-22 at 9.55.55 PM Screen-Shot-2013-09-15-at-11-1.46.33-AM

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