HiitMax #5 - Sexy Lean Legs

  Hi Bodyrocker’s . Sometimes the journey towards our goals passes through these stages where it seems like nothing is really taking place. We feel stuck, we might feel like nothing is happening to advance our progress. It’s often in these times that the greatest changes are taking place. So much of this process is about what goes on with us on the inside, and while we stare anxiously in the mirror for evidence of the physical changes, it’s actually what is happening on the inside that is the most powerful. Each day that we find it within ourselves to BodyRock we are building discipline, inner strength, perseverance and our ability to dedicate ourselves to things that really matter. Fat loss, toned muscles and all of they physical rewards of our daily training are really just the by-products of having the inner fortitude to stick it out day in day out. This inner power that we develop has the ability to touch every area of our lives, and the confidence it can lend each of us is truly just as transformative as all of the amazing physical results we experience together. Think about your strength todays workout and feel the drive of your movements from the inside out – it’s there where your true power rests.   . HiitMax #5 - Sexy Lean Legs Screen-Shot-2013-09-15-at-3.55.02-PM .  The Workout Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rdo7z_iyRVE . [wobreakdown] .. Todays Workout: . Set your Interval Timers to 50 Seconds on 10 Seconds Rest  as below. - Complete all rounds twice (or three times) through. . IMG_8523-300x300 Se. Let’s go HARD & get this Workout Smashed ! . You can use your  Sandbagor Screen Shot 2014-01-26 at 8.18.34 PMor  LE_Affiliate_Pic550r powerblockthumb (click images to view) If you haven’t had time to get your equipment yet, or it’s on it’s way – There are Free Home Equipment Ideas – Here If you are training in your Gym or on your own – Complete as many rep’s of the following exercise’s before the 50 seconds is up: Post your scores below to remind yourself how far you have come when you HIIT this again. . Today's Workout: . 150987_396671413756683_1600140215_n309814_396671423756682_369122468_n . Workout Picture Breakdown: . 1. 200770_396631097094048_323915952_n 2. 521701_396631133760711_421800784_n 3. 200770_396631097094048_323915952_n 4. 644223_396631113760713_1465201265_n 5. 200770_396631097094048_323915952_n 6. 67923_396631167094041_2073713066_n 7. 200770_396631097094048_323915952_n 8. 480128_396631180427373_1833715696_n 9. 200770_396631097094048_323915952_n 10. 22213_396631207094037_213256733_n 11. 200770_396631097094048_323915952_n 12. 537081_396631240427367_253940363_n


Screen Shot 2013-09-22 at 9.55.55 PM Screen-Shot-2013-09-15-at-11-1.46.33-AM

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