Hilaria Baldwin Reveals Post Baby Bod 5 Days After Giving Birth!

Wife of actor Alec Baldwin and now mama of 2, Hilaria took to Instagram to debunk some myths about the recent birth of her son, Raphael. The 30 year old yogi snapped a tummy selfie 5 days after the birth to dispel internet rumours that she had a C-section. She also cleared up any misconceptions about the extended stay she had at the hospital, explaining that her son came a little earlier then expected and needed an extra night of monitoring. The mama was spotted later that same day going shopping with a friend on the streets of NYC. Hilaria hasn't been shy about showing off her bump to her Instagram followers, posting shots of her bare belly just days before the birth. Her revealing post baby bod gives an honest look at her still swollen belly. The trend of celebs like model Sarah Stage posting her cinched in stomach just days after birth, and Nascar wife Samantha Busch's sexy bikini shots just days after having her son, has given us a sort of warped perception of what a post baby body should look like. [caption id="attachment_95873" align="aligncenter" width="451"]Sarah Stage days after having son, James Sarah Stage days after having son James[/caption] While it's totally okay for those women who have worked for that crazy toned belly, it shouldn't be something we should feel the pressure to achieve. Maintaining a fitness routine during pregnancy can certainly aid in the recovery process, but everyone's bodies react to pregnancy differently, and no one is better or worse for how their post baby belly looks. What do you think of Hilaria's baby bump selfies? Share your thoughts with us!

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