Hilarious Instagram Chronicles One Guy's Life As A Third Wheel

At 29, Peter Alden is a single New Yorker who is constantly plagued by something we can all relate to - third wheel syndrome. Peter works as a software developer and decided to capture the struggles he has to face through his Instagram account - iamnotathirdwheel funny cute pictures Peter can be seen in the background of his brother Ben, and sister-in-law Marissa's couple-y shots. He is spotted interloping on all their photo-perfect moments. engagement photo funny cute idea The hilarious account was created after Peter realized his condition as the involuntary third wheel was worsening. instagram dating “I spend a ton of time with [Ben and Marissa]  and it started as me just photobombing them every time they tried to take a cute picture together." Peter explains to Buzzfeed.  "Everyone (especially my mother) thought it was fun and it kind of took off from there!” awkward single stories The account has become popular as it gains followers, and the hilarity of it has become a conversation piece at parties. Which is good for Peter, who as a third wheel, needs people to talk to. hilarious viral photo "People want to know who takes the photo, they want to be ‘a guest couple’, they want to suggest ‘ideas for the next third wheel photo’…” Peter says of his new found internet fame. Do you love these cute and funny photos? Have you ever been a third wheel? Share your thoughts with us!  

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