Hilary Duff Shows Off Her Fit Physique While Making a Splash at the Beach

Hilary Duff has been in our hearts ever since her days on the hit Disney show "Lizzie McGuire." But a lot has changed since then. The 27-year-old celebrity is all grown up. Now divorced from Mike Comrie, the actress has a 3-year-old son named Luca and a positive mental attitude on what it's like to have good body image in the spotlight.

hilary duff

Having dealt with personal weight battles from a young age, the 5'2'' beauty knows she will never, nor wants to ever be, as skinny as her days on "Lizzie McGuire" when she weighed in at 98 pounds, which she admits was "far too skinny."

hilary duff

Duff even told Elle.com, "I just tell myself, "I'm 5'2", I'm really fit, killing it in the gym, and doing crazy things." I love to workout, but I'm just not that concerned with being the skinniest person."

Her confidence and determination to be healthy has certainly paid off. The star was recently spotted soaking up the sun beneath a sun hat in a string bikini while she waded in and out of the water looking incredibly taught and toned.

hilary duff

Admitting that being fit doesn't mean you're perfect has been one of the biggest steps in attaining a positive body image. "I'm not a model; I'm an actress. I always feel like I'm in the five to ten pound struggle, but my life is so busy. I'm just not that concerned, really. I'm normal and I'm perfectly happy being that way," she said.

What do you think of Duff's in-shape bod and outlook on her weight?

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