The History Behind The Painful Routines of Body Grooming

Staying bare down there is a chore. For decades, women have been putting themselves through the painful routines of body grooming. However, past methods of body grooming were less high-tech than the lasers we have today. Women's grooming trends have changed drastically thanks to cultural changes, modern technology and new trends. Where did body grooming all begin? Pubic shaving actually originated in Egypt and Greece when prostitutes had to shave for both hygienic reasons and as a clear sign of their profession. Evidently, pubic hair was considered uncivilized in ancient Greece. We've all seen those hairless Greek statues. Women wanted to resemble the look by plucking or singing off all their pubic hair . Crazy, right? Pubic beauty standards are fluctuating all the time. Women are looking for other alternatives to keep the hair off. Let me walk you through some of the major body-waxing trends of the last century. 1900s-1920s The now famous brand Gillette introduced the first safety razor for men in 1904 and the first ever women's razor in 1915. Plus, this was the start of The First great Anti-Underarm-Hair Campaign. Ads told women to clean up their hair! 1940s During World War 11, there was a nylon shortage. Advertisers encouraged women to shave their legs. 1946 Bikinis were introduced to the US. Women tweezed or shaved their pubic hair outside the panty line. 1960's Getting rid of unwanted fuzz was easier than ever thanks to the introduction of waxing strips. As you can see, body grooming is constantly changing. Today, women have the choice of waxing, threading and laser removal. What's your hair removal preference?

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