How Hitting the Gym Can Give You An Ageless Face!

There are countless benefits to working out. You can de-stress, energize your body, lower your risk factor of tons of diseases. But a new research proves that exercise can even give you powerful anti-aging benefits too! According to author and trainer Jackie Warner, working your muscles increases collagen production in your body. These collagen cells help to repair the connections between your skin and your muscles, tightening and toning your appearance. This happens all over your body, from your arms and legs to your face and neck. Getting your body moving also increases your heart rate, which gets blood flowing. When blood is pumping, nutrients and oxygen are being delivered all over the body and they are absorbed by your skin cells. The boost of nutrients and oxygen in the skin helps cells regenerate and fight wrinkles. Skin begins looking healthy and firm. “As a 46-year-old, I’m constantly told that I don’t look anywhere close to my age,” says Jackie, “and I really think that’s because I have made fitness a priority in my life.”   Jackie's love of fitness runs in the family, with her 64 year old mother also reaping the benefits of the "exercise face lift". Her mother appears 15 years younger, and owes her youthful glow to hitting the gym 5 days a week. The results of hitting the gym 4 to 5 times a week won't be as drastic as a surgical procedure, but you will see a difference in your face! And as you age, you won't be noticing wrinkles and skin damage as profusely! Share with us your anti-aging secrets! Leave a comment below!

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