Hitting the Gym, After Hitting the Bar

Well not right after, considering you’ll probably just want to get a late night falafel and fall asleep with the Netflix menu on your computer.  With every good night at the bar, usually comes the hangover or some form of it, the next morning. When you roll out of bed and realize that you only caught 6 hours of sleep, and that pounding feeling rises in your head, the last thing you want to do is lift heavy objects or run anywhere besides to the bathroom. However , providing you can stop praying to the porcelain gods for more than fifteen minutes, your body could use a workout in in this state. Sweating and working out all the toxins in your body might even help make that hangover’s stay a little less long. IMPORTANT PRE STEPS You’re still going to need to prep before hitting the gym. Get breakfast an hour beforehand that has some carbs, like oatmeal or a yogurt with granola. Cut up some fresh fruit and add it to the mix. Make sure you are plenty hydrated. Drinking alcohol dehydrates you enough already, and it’s the main reason yo feel so crappy the morning. Once you are rested and sure you aren’t making another trip the bathroom, its time lace up. DON’T GO NUTS Remember, your body is not at it’s best. If you are weight lifting, you can still keep the weight you’re used to, but maybe take it easy on the amount of reps and give yourself more cool down time. If you’re running, then maybe bring the incline down a bit and do an easier run with the same time you’re used to. And of course, KEEP HYDRATED. Buy a sports drink and make sure you are paying close attention to your fluid intake. Obviously if you are in no state to even leave your bed covers, and your gut says “Hell no. I’m going to roll up and hate myself I’m in so much pain", maybe you should skip the day and work on your drinking plan next time. If you’re one of the lucky ones that shake off hangovers instantly, then feel free to maintain your schedule, just watch out for that hydration. Also, what's your god damned secret?

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