Hollywood Actress Drew Barrymore Says She “Just Doesn’t Have a Bikini Body": One BodyRocker's Response

Hollywood actress and former child star, Drew Barrymore has revealed to InStyle Magazine that she “just doesn’t have a bikini body.” drew barrymore opens up to instyle magazine about body image In an interview with InStyle Australia, the 40-year-old mother and Cover Girl confessed to not even owning a bikini anymore, preferring not to be obsessed with body image. “I’d drive myself nuts if I were” she says - “I am who I am, and I just don’t have a bikini-body… I don’t even have a one-piece anymore.” victoria's secret model I love Drew, and I understand how comparing yourself to the Hollywood beauty ideal would make you feel “nuts" because let's face it - when you add the layers of makeup, lighting and Photoshop, who actually looks like a Victoria’s Secret Model? It must also really suck to be in an industry where you are judged almost exclusively by your looks, and the average “it” girl actress has the shelf life of a carton of milk. drew barrymore [bctt tweet="Hollywood Actress Drew Barrymore Says She “Just Doesn’t Have a Bikini Body": One BodyRocker's Response"] Still, something about this feels more like giving up on yourself than finding peace with how you look and feel. Her words feel sad to me - in a way that pisses me off and makes me motivated. I recognize something in her words that I’ve experienced myself - it’s a place where you start to feel invisible, where you almost hope to go unnoticed, where it’s easier just to hide from your insecurities under layers of clothing - wrapping up something that almost feels like shame from the eyes of the world. If you have ever actively avoided looking at yourself in the bathroom mirror when you dry off after a shower or bath then you’ve been there with me. It’s a pretty dark place to be. No one should feel invisible in themselves, and we certainly shouldn’t carry around the weight of inner shame. It’s no way to live, and god does it feel horrible. The truth is, if you have a body then you have a “bikini body” - anyone can wear swimwear or jeans or anything else. It’s not about having a Hollywood body - it’s about being the best version of yourself possible, and my feeling is that 40 (or any age) is too early to throw in the towel. Why shouldn’t you feel strong, healthy and beautiful in a bathing suit? Sorry for the language here but why the f*ck shouldn’t any of us be able to stand with our feet in the sand in our bathing suits while the surf rolls in and the warm ocean air blows across our faces - feeling the gratitude that comes with being alive? Too many of us are hiding and hoping that we will make it through unnoticed. This is not about fixing our attitudes with positive affirmations, or whitewashing how we feel by pretending we don’t care, or have given up caring about what our bodies look like. Sadness and giving up gets you nothing in this life. Nothing is going to make me look like a bikini model - like ever. But I can do something about being the best, strongest, most empowered, healthy and awesome version of who I am. I can strive for my personal best because I’m sick of feeling like a victim in my own body. I’ve discovered that this takes guts, it takes balls and it takes a fight. It takes showing up everyday and exercising some basic discipline over my diet and food choices. It takes making the choice to get started with something - something real. I started by doing the free 30-day Beginner Bootcamp and following the meal plan. I’m on my third time through it now and with each progressive push through it I’ve broken through to a new level of motivation. I'll be honest, I wish I had gotten my ass in gear sooner. But since I’ve started this journey I’ve learned what it feels like to be strong, I have seen my body re-shape into something that feels closer to what being at home and proud in your body should feel like, and even if I don’t look like a model I know that I’m starting to be able to rock my own Bikini body with confidence - as the sexiest, hottest version of me. Have you ever felt like you couldn't rock a bikini? How did you learn to push through and love your body? [caption id="attachment_123366" align="alignnone" width="100"]instagram logo @BodyRockOfficial[/caption] [caption id="attachment_123367" align="alignnone" width="100"]snapchat logo @BodyRockTV[/caption]

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