Holy Grail Workout

This is the Holy Grail of fitness!  My workouts are designed to get you the hottest body you can achieve in the shortest amount of time possible.  They are usually about 20 minutes long, but will be the HARDEST 20 minutes of your life.

Get in the best shape of your life with me!  Don't get discouraged by how difficult a workout looks, watch the modifications.  That's where I started...I couldn't do push ups when I first began.  I had to build my strength.  I do the hardest version in my tutorials to get you to push yourself to the highest limit.  If you aren't grunting and growling during these workouts, you aren't working hard enough.  If you can carry on a conversation with someone, you aren't working hard enough.

There are 7 different exercises that you will repeat 3 times.  In this video, I have done a tutorial of each exercise and then I completed one round of the workout to show you how I do it.  These exercises are hard and fun!  Make sure you know how to do them properly and the modifications before you begin the workout.  You will continue to burn calories for 24-36 hours after completing this workout.  You will need your Gymboss Interval Timer, Ultimate Sandbag (or any weights), and a mat.

Do it for the "HOLY SH*T YOU GOT HOT!!!"


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