At Home Shoulder and Ab Sculptor

Life too hectic to get to the gym? I know it all too well, especially this time of year… Here in Alberta we have what feels like 2 months of summer for activities and 10 months of winter.  Here is a quick 12 minute at home workout for you that will target your shoulders and abs – no equipment required.  An easy and quick solution that you can fit in between all your summer activities.   Set your timers as follows -          6 exercises -          50 seconds INTENSE workout (give it all you got) -          10 second rest between exercise -          Repeat a total of two times.   HERE WE GO!   Exercise 1: Burpee with tuck jump Stand with feet together, squat down and touch the floor, shoot legs back into a plank position, jump back in, stand up and accelerate into a high tuck jump (knees to chest), repeat . 1.1  1.2 1.3 Exercise 2: Plank Tricep Touch Get in a high plank position, body in a straight line. Alternate bringing one knee at a time to the tricep on the same side 2.1 2.2 Exercise 3: Walkout with Shoulder Taps Stand with feet together. Bend over and place hands on floor close to feet. Keeping legs as straight as possible, walk hands out to a high plank position. Do 2 shoulder taps per side (alternating) and walk hands back to standing, repeat. 3.1 3.2 3.3 Exercise 4: Plank twister Get in high plank position; shoot foot under body to opposite side, touch hip to floor and return, repeat on right side. 4.14.2 4.3 Exercise 5: Army Crawl Start in forearm plank position. Lift foot and hand on left side and the elbow and knee, return to plank and repeat on opposite side. 5.15.2 Exercise 6: Push-up Reach Start in high plank position. Perform full push-up then rotate body to one side, take hand and reach it towards the ceiling. Return to plank, perform push-up and repeat on opposite side. 6.1 6.2 6.3 To add a bit more of a challenge to the above exercises they can be done with a weighted vest!   Click here to get your weighted vest

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