Homemade Almond Butter

Are you almond butter addicted like me? I spread it on veggies or fruits, use as dip, for peanut sauce, to bake ... You can´t buy this in Germany in supermarket, it´s only to buy in Natural Foods Store. These are rarely. For this reason I decide to make my own almond butter.

All you need is: 17 ounce whole almonds

1. Roast almonds on baking sheet at 356F for 10 minutes.


2. Blend and pulse the almonds until they are ground.


3. Free almond meal from sides by spoon.


4.Blend again until smooth. Take care before overheat, let it rest between blending. 5. If you see some oil on top your almond butter is ready.


Add some sea solt or honey for a new taste, or mix with cashews, peanuts or brazil nuts.

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