Homemade Coconut Oil Hand Scrub

Coconut Oil is possibly one of my most favorite items to use in the kitchen. There are proven health benefits for using Coconut oil.  It is one of few foods that can be classified as a “super food.” I came across this recipe a few months ago, and I will never buy another store bought hand or body scrub ever again! I use to buy expensive hand creams until I came across this recipe.   Ingredients: 1 tbsp coconut oil 2 tbsp raw honey ¼ cup sea salt ¼ cup organic sugar 1 tbsp lemon juice   Instructions: 1)   Stir together the honey and coconut oil in medium bowl 2)   In a separate small bowl, blend the salt, sugar and lemon juice until it becomes crumbly. 3)   Pour the salt mixture over the honey mixture and stir until smooth. 4)   Store in a small mason jar or glass storage container   Directions for use: 1)   Gently massage a marble-sized amount of your new homemade hand scrub into your hands for 30-60 seconds. (Don’t forget to exfoliate between your fingers) 2)   Rinse with warm water and pat dry. 3)   Repeat 1-2 times per week.

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