Homemade Equalizer

We would all love to have a Lebert Equalizer of our own. Unfortunately for me I live in Hawaii and they don’t ship here (the downside of paradise!). So I decided to make my own. Here’s how you can make your own too. All you need is the following from your local hardware store:
    • Two 20” PVC pieces
    • Four 24” PVCpieces
    • Eight 7” PVC pieces
    • Four T PVC connectors
    • Four 90 degree PVC elbows
    • Eight PVC end caps
    • One can of PVC Pipe Cement (make sure it’s one that does not require primer)

I used 1.5” PVC, but you could also use 2” if you need. You could also adjust the height for your preference... customize any way you like! You can even paint it any color you wish.

One customization I’ll be making is to leave one of the end caps on each unglued so I can add weight with sand.

Now that you have your very own equalizer, try some of these moves:

Side Oblique Knee Tuck

One Leg Reverse Pull Up

Burpee Shuttle Jump

Push Up Knee Tuck

Leg Lift Lunge and Knee Tuck Abs


What Daily HIIT equipment have you made?

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