The Honest Truth About Why You Aren't Reaching Your Fitness Goals

Setting a goal is the easy part. You want a body like (insert fit celebrity role model) doing (insert exercise regime) by (insert some date, typically in the summer time). Simple. But reaching that goal can be a massive challenge for many people. What happens in between the setting, the pinning of inspirational quotes on Pinterest boards and the actual achieving that causes so many people to fail? Here are the 4 reasons why you aren't reaching your fitness goals: 1) Unrealistic time frames A healthy, fit new you does not magically appear within a regulated time frame. Everyone experiences weight loss, muscle development and health improvements differently. Give your body time, and avoid a crash diet or over exerting yourself to reach your wildly inaccurate goal. 2) Lack of consistent momentum  Momentum is the ultimate key to fitness success and maintenance. Get into a consistent routine. Don't cheat with a fast food binge one day and "make up for it" with starving yourself the next. Pick a diet and exercise regime that works for your body and your needs and never let it go. 3) You're waiting for a magic moment  You feel like once you hit the 5 week mark of your new routine you'll suddenly wake up with J. Lo's toned frame or Taylor Swift's sleek legs and you won't have to workout anymore. That isn't real life, and results come in stages. To maintain your desired body, you have to keep your life changes for good. 4) You're not rewarding yourself properly  Many people use rewards like cheats (milkshakes, french fries, a lazy Sunday). Cheats in moderation are fine, but too many tricks your brain into thinking that all this healthy eating and exercise should be rewarded with a binge. Your rewards should extend farther than food, maybe a mini vacation after 3 months, or a new outfit you've wanted to splurge on. Keep variety in your plan so you don't lose sight of what you're working for. What are ways you motivate yourself to reach your goals? Let us know!

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