Hot Guys VS Food - Would You Rather Have Chris Hemsworth or Pizza?

A highly scientific study recently found that women will predominantly prefer certain foods over certain celebrity hotties. If you had to choose between your favourite Hollywood hunk and a hunk of cheese, which would you choose?
  • 54% of women surveyed picked burritos over a night out with Adam Levine
adam burr
  • 71% like chocolate over Justin Timberlake
justin timberlake sexy choco
  • a staggering 86% like pizza better then Jared Leto
jared Pizza-pizza-30424279-1024-768
  • and to my dismay, 58% would binge on ice cream as opposed to a date with Chris Evans. He's Captain American darn it!
Chris-Evans-various-Photoshoot-photos-chris-evans-10058496-1767-2560 licking-icecream-cone1_article_new   Do you agree with these statistics? Would you prefer your favourite comfort food to one of these sexy stars? Let us know!  

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