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Get a Fit Bod Post-Pregancy (Just Like Carrie Underwood)!

Just five months after giving birth to her son Isaiah Michael Fisher, country sensation Carrie Underwood proves that she's one hot mama, showing off her unbelievably fit physique as she filmed scenes for her newest music video. Showing it all off, she wore Daisy Dukes, knee-high cowgirl boots, a white top and a checkered vest. carrie underwood So what does this talented blonde bombshell owe her fabulous post-pregnancy figure to? She told E! News that it wasn't just working off that baby weight. "While I was pregnant, I did everything I could to try and make smart choices." She also mentioned that if she wasn't able to go full speed ahead with her workouts, she'd at least make sure to take a walk to keep with her routine and stay on the right track. And once she did give birth to her beautiful son, Underwood found herself in a predicament, as having a C-section hindered her from continuing her active lifestyle for weeks post birth. During that time, however, Underwood found ways to alter her diet in a way to make up for her lack of physical activity. And now, with a busy professional schedule and a baby, Underwood has to be as open minded and flexible to when and how she can get a work out in as possible, but she makes sure to do it nonetheless. "I'm just trying to figure [scheduling] out and sometimes I do great and sometimes I don't and things fall apart," Underwood confided at the 2015 CMT Awards. "But it's just this whole other giant thing to deal with and schedule things around and feedings and stuff like that." Have you found that your diet and exercise routine while pregnant has helped you to get to your ideal post-baby body weight sooner? Source: E Online
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