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Hi BodyRockers, Lisa here - We are glad to be back with you after a few days away! The big news is that I had my breast augmentation surgery yesterday in Toronto and it was a success. I was feeling a bit tired today and a bit tender (and slightly Dolly Partonesq) but to be honest I am doing a lot better than I thought I would be. I am moving around ok and the pain is really minimal - but then I am half in the can from the pain killers :) I will be experiencing some swelling for the next month or so but so far so good. Check the pictures below today's workout for Freddy's photo diary of our weekend in Toronto and don't forget to smash out today's workout for me - I have to let my body recover but we have a stockpile of workouts ready and just because I'm off doesn't mean you can slack (unless of course you have become Dolly Partonesq too). Love you guys and thank you so much for all your warm messages on my Facebook!!! Lisa xx Todays Mash Up will get you well and truly fired up and ready to go !! BodyRock Workout: [wobreakdown] Set your interval timer to 50 seconds on & 10 seconds rest & bust out this circuit twice. BodyRock Workout: 1) Ugi 3 Ball Jump & L&R Spider Knee Plank Touch - Using the Ugi ball 2) Wide Leg 1/2 Burpee & Bentover Row - using the pink Sandbag 3) Push-Up, 3 Jacks, Surfer Turn 4) Roung the Ball Abs - Using the Ugi ball 5) Jump Squats 6) Squat & Side Leg Lifts . Our Photo Journal:

We packed this tasty mixed salad with Shrimp for the car-ride so we could avoid getting stuck eating at the fast food outlets along the highway.

It's been absolutely spectacular weather for March and amazing weather for scenic drives. Here we are zipping along the Kingston water front on our way to Toronto. That is beautiful Lake Ontario to the left.

It's about a 2.5 hour drive from Kingston to Toronto. Here is our first glimpse of the city skyline. Can you spot the CN Tower in the distance?

Our hotel Room. Lisa is switching out of her heels and into her more comfortable Toms :)

The window Lisa is standing behind looks into the shower - I've never seen anything like this before - but at least they provided blinds :)

Everything about our room was very chic and modern. I have this thing about Hotel bathrooms. If they get the details right in the bathroom the rest of the hotel usually rates accordingly. Next time you travel give your hotel the bathroom test and see if I'm right.

I wanted to share this brand with you guys because it's a new discovery. Milton Brown makes some of the most lush shampoo and conditioner not to mention bath & shower gel I have ever used. Lisa told me that this company is a big deal in Britain, but I had never heard of them until I stepped into our Hotel shower. If you get a chance give them a try - they are my new favs.

Lisa enjoying the Toronto Skyline from our Hotel window.

The view from our Window :)

Before we headed out into the city we enjoyed fooling around on the 11th floor rooftop putting green. Here is Lisa going for Berdie :) The Hotel had a lot of these cool quirky surprises to discover.

The view from the roof top patio of Toronto's most famous landmark :)

A quick shot before leaving the Hotel :)

Stepping out in the city. We stayed right in the heart of the entertainment district. The streets are jammed with every conceivable style of restaurant.

Considering the purpose of our trip.... Lisa couldn't help herself :)

It was a gorgeous evening to have a walk. We strolled along Queen St. West and took in all of the little shop windows.

We walked past the Gap that I worked at not so long ago when I was a student. I can still fold denim like nobody's business :)

Lisa doing her best mannequin pose :)

We walked around arm in arm until just after dark taking in the sights and sounds of the city before heading back to the Hotel. This is a view of the Lobby from the Hotel Library where the posh magic coffee machine lives :)

This machine made at least 12 different types of coffees....and Lisa tried them ALL. I'm not even joking :)

I'm pretty sure no one actually reads in the Library. They just drink copious amounts of free posh coffee from the magic machine, try to look fancy lounging on the off white sofas and generally just buzz from caffeine shakes :)

Lisa chilling after her 12th coffee :) She is also the kinda person who can sleep after drinking 6 litres of coffee as long as she is comfy.

Attempting to figure out who gets what side of the you go through this too when you travel? How do you decide?

I left Lisa snoring on the left hand side of the bed (dribbling on her pillow - true story) while I snuck down to breakfast :) She couldn't join me because she had to fast for 10 hours prior to her surgery.

The lobby of the Toronto Cosmetic Clinic 9:45am.

Lisa pre-surgury in her paper gown and fast food hat.

6 hours later... back at the Hotel recovering in bed. Lisa will be posting all about the operation and the whole procedure plus sharing some photos of her new profile tomorrow on her Facebook page. To catch her update like her page here :)

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